Monday, 5 October 2009

"I Secretly Want" Art Journal Pages

These two pages are side by side, but I don't know how to place them that way on blogger.
At the moment, I am doing my art journal pages in a simple way. I do the backgrounds first, usually acrylic paint in layers of different colours. These two pages have some homemade stamp backgrounds added at the end. I do a bunch of backgrounds at one time.

Then I put some collage down. Just simple cut-outs of some of the images that I have been keeping. I like to cut a single image out rather than a an entire picture as it becomes more a part of the page.

Finally I have been writing stuff that I want to save out of my morning pages, - usually insights that I think are helpful.


Lesley said...

Love these pages Zom!
Lesley x

eva said...

I was nosy enough to read some of what you wrote, and read the bit about organizing of paints. I have bought a drawer unit from IKEA called Alex that works very well for that. The drawers are so shallow that the paint tubes aren't piled on top of each other and hard to look through. That is basically it; good, shallow drawers. I have it next to my desk, so all the drawers are like an extra desk where I keep all my tools. It would also work well for coloured pencils, papers, drawings..beads.. I keep a lot of crafty stuff there that I need quick and don't want to look for. I've seen on the internet that a lot of people use it for art and craft storage.
I'm starting to sound like I work for IKEA, ha ha..I don't love ikea *that* much. It's just that I've had a hard time keeping things organized and also practical, but not since I got alex.

Som lady writes about organizing her office and craft stuff and how she has used alex (amongst other things) here:

And here it is on ikea:

Zom said...

Thanks Lesley

Eva, if I post it so you can read it, then I don't consider you nosey, ha ha.
I love the information. Thanks for bothering to write that all down. I would love to have an organized journaling desk.

La Dolce Vita said...

just found your site and love your work!

nollyposh said...

Co-incidently i had some CranioSacral Therapy today and that very thing came up... What do i secretly want???
(Ps) When you add a pic then "Choose a Layout" = that's what allows you to place in a different spot

Anonymous said...
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