Thursday, 15 October 2009

Plans for My New Art Journal

I am getting excited about my new art journal, (this photo looks A4 but my new journal is A5). Actually, I am thinking of this one more as a visual journal. What is the difference? Less experimenting with techniques, more about my daily life.

I have started writing down ideas for different pages that I would like to create. I am thinking this journal will be more structured so that I can explore ideas rather than working intuitively like the last journal. Working intuitively was fantastic, I am just looking for a change.

Because I am working in a bound sketchbook, I will need to cut out pages. I am thinking it would be fun to save those cut out pages and sew them together into another, smaller journal.


~Barb~ said...

I work in Moleskines a lot of the time and I don't cut any pages out (and believe me, I stuff them!)...I can't wait to see what you come up with and your pages as you do them.
Peace & Love,

lynne h said...

this is exciting, zom... what size is A5? it'll be interesting to see what it's like working in a more structured way. i'll be watching. : )


Zom said...

I did my first journal as a moleskin and also didn't cut pages. They have pretty good spines.

A5 is half of A4, tee hee.

15cm x 21.5cm. I think that is about 6" x 8.5".

nollyposh said...

i think i might get into my art journal too (it's been a while)... (Ps) RE: Your comment on my bloggy: i had a feeling this book might be close to your heart too Zom... i thought of you as soon as i began to read it... Can't wait to see these paintings... and Thankyou my lovely friend for those beautiful words <3

Apple said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this journal! I usually cut pages out of my journals to make more room. I use old books sometimes so the spine doesn't always hold up.
To answer your question: I use my typewriter sometimes instead of just writing on a journal page. I will type it up/cut it out/ and then glue it on a journal page. I love the "font" that the typewriter has!!

Zom said...

I hope you will post some of those journal pages Vicki. I am thinking of taking and using more photos. I just saw stories with your wonderful dolls.

Apple, I would love to get a typewriter for just that reason. I tried it with a typewriter font on the computer, not the same. No dents, ha ha.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Spill....spray and splash the blank pages and the world will be open to your personal mind's verse and narratives. I love journals and now I do have to divide my time with my artist friends on the computer and my personal songs in my continuing verses and sketches in my own handwriting and collage. I love the feel of the pencil in my hand and the kinetic energy of the lead healing the pages. Enjoy your passage in time because with a bound journal you can return to them over and over again. They are very special children who do not leave home. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart