Monday, 30 November 2009

Challenge: a Week of Ugly Art Journal Pages

I have been thinking about ugly art journal pages. How we need them. How important it is to make them, how they can heal and nourish us.

And I have decided to put out a challenge to all my followers and to the blogs that I read (and anyone else who wants to play.) I am going to post a week of ugly art journal pages and I invite you to join me. Let's get them out on the blogosphere. No more hiding in shame! Post your links in my comments and we will have an ugly art journal page tour.

I never finished this spread from my first art journal. I used to abandon them when the spread became ugly and I didn't like it.

I like the idea of diamond shapes in this composition. I think I could a similar arrangement work now. Maybe I will try it.


La Dolce Vita said...

would love to play with you! it will have to be next week though, cos, I am still up to my elbows in alligators!
ps I really like your "ugly" spread!

Trish said...

oh man, I don't know! I would love to be able to post them, but my bad ones are SO bad........

Connie said...

Alright chica!! I'm up for your little challenge. I'm not too excited about it...but I bet it will be good for me!

Check out Dirty Footprints Studio towards the end of the week...I'll have some ugly pages up there uncensored and raw!!!!

Peace & Love.

Zom said...

Whenever you are ready La Dolce, just give me a heads up cause I don't want to miss it.

Trish, maybe just one???

Connie, I knew you'd be game!

Kelly Kilmer said...

I post all of my pages on my blog soooo...i don't think there is such a thing as an ugly journal page. I think we are our own worst critics and that journal pages are supposed to be about self exploration not pretty art. ;)

There are pages I like more than others, but I tend not to worry about it. I just ask myself if the page says what i want it to say and move on!

Poetic Artist said...

I look back on some of my journals and wow I really have some ugly ones.

Anonymous said...

What can I say, I was posting a page I thought looked ugly and I saw your comment and invitation. So, thanks to and Andrea for giving me the courage to post it - and possibly more later.

Here's the link:

andrea said...

this is fabulous!

lilasvb said...

i dont know yet if my pages are uggly or not!!! so i keep on posting whatever and however
may be with time i will know if it is uggly or not

Zom said...

Kelley, you have anticipated my final point, lol.

Poetic, come on show me.

thankyou Fadwa for the first link.

yay Andrea!

Valerie, read my latest post. How could you possibly know? If you don't know, stay there. I am trying to take others to the place where you already are!

Connie said...

Here you go chica!

Peace & Love.

Connie said...

PS The funny thing is that I called my pages BORING before I even knew you had your top post today speaking about boring pages!!! Hee Hee!