Saturday, 14 November 2009

Drawing in your Art Journal

That is an actual feather I pasted onto the page. I did the drawing and then the feather floated by. I wanted her naked but not distractingly so, so it was perfect.

I just read this post in iHanna's blog, a long time favourite blog. She talks about practicing drawing in her art journal. I think it is a great idea.

Drawing is something we all did as children. It is like dancing or singing, you don't have to be good at it for it to give its pleasure. Just like how we sing in the shower, or dance when we are by ourselves, try drawing in your art journal. No one else has to see it. Don't compare it to anyone else's drawings - most people who are good at drawing have been doing it for years and years.

In my art journal, I try to give myself permission to do 'bad' drawings. I find this challenging as much of my identity as an artist is based on 'I can draw'. This can be very limiting as I stop myself from just fooling around.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Calm quiet movements
calm quiet moments
...the guardians of all artists.
Your drawings are quiet because they enable you to be still and the feather is a sacred sign from the ancestors that you are on the right path. Listen to your heartbeat and you will be renewed in the quietness of a pencil or pen touching the papers. Imagine and Live in Peace. Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

Poetic Artist said...

I just found your blog and I really like your drawings in your journal.. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the drawing! Those swans are so great. I like the two pages together, it seems almost like a story book for some reason.

And I agree about the drawing! Letting yourself draw "badly" in your journals is the same principle I think is essential in ALL journal pages. Just let yourself create, don't get caught up in being perfect and just have fun.


Artiste Nouveau said...

Drawing in my art journal is nerve-wracking to me. I'm always afraid of somehow screwing it up. Even though I know my worst mistakes were always my best creations....

lilasvb said...

i remenber your swan girl, in your journal, drawing is actually helping me for be less on sadness
thanks zom

Anonymous said...

Nice Zom. I love these pages, and the feather and the red are great accents.
My journals keep changing purpose, and I keep starting new ones! I have a Blues Journal going on now, and another that absorbs everything from drawings, to sktches, notes, paintings, anything. A third for hand drawings, a fourth for writings only .. and on and on :-)

Zom said...

I have tried starting specific journals, but so far I lose interest and they get left behind. I like the chaos I think.
My paintings are so precise.

Lesley said...

This is a beautiful drawing! Inspiring me to try some drawing - although I'd never show anyone I don't think LOL!
Lesley x

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh... your "swan girl" is wonderful... I love that the swans love her... and how determined she is... your blog is wonderful too. I am so glad to find it... roxanne

The Tusk said...

I'm afraid you won't see this post, and it's important for me to get you this information. I believe in, and as I've never told one this, that I'm a fairy, and I'm studying my ancestry. I don't believe we are related unless in fact your have some magic and some mythical prowess. I've come across your name from a comment you've written on nature girl blog. Rock and I went to college, she may have some insight as to who I am, she may not. A fairy's biggest fear at times is the opinion ones have of them, and these can weigh their lives down. Anywhew, if you need to know more about me she may remember me from college.

Otherwise, the two swans I believe are step brothers of the girl, and their story can be found in the "Yellow Fairy Book" compiled by Andrew Lang in 1894. It is the second story called the Six Swans.

The Yellow book was the fourth in a series of Books compiled by Andrew Lang. Don't bother reading the first, published in 1890, you'll find things out about Walt Disney you wish you had never known. On the other hand I have a limited edition of Australian tales specific to your area, which I would love to relate to you. But first the Six Swans, as you love to oil paint and your backgrounds are all free floating skies. The Girl I think with the swans, is you, because in the story she had to create shirts for her brothers from the stars she would pull from the sky. Your Oils jave skies in every one.

So answer me this, how many brothers do you have, I'm probably wrong at guessing 6. Because thats a fairy story. Ohh, I'm an Oil Painter, and I like your work, perhaps you would like to illustrate the rest of your story.

Let me know if you can't find it. And let me know if there is a burden I bear.

Life on the Surface

Zom said...

Lesley, I hope you do try some drawing.

river garden, I am glad you saw how determined she is.

Tusk, i only have one brother. I know the story of the six brothers, but I think these swans are actually swans. But thank you for what you saw in my paintings, I never know entirely their story.

La Dolce Vita said...

your swan girl is magical. yes I agree about drawing, I have a journal just for sketches and drawings, but this is just wildly inventive!

lynne h said...

i love this drawing zom, and the feather is perfect... xo

Chris said...

lovely! i was just thinking the other day about pasting a feather on a page i am doing, and i forgot! now i may have to. it adds quite a touch.

kathy said...

Hi Zom
I really like your artwork. Your art journaling class looks great. Will you be doing something like that online?