Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Someone Special Art Journal Page

This is my version of scrapbooking.

I have never been one to put my photos in albums. They are jumbled into a big plastic box that fits under the bed. I tried to make an album of my wedding photos but lost interest. I ended up throwing it away.

I have never been much of one to take photos to document my life. I don't know why. I mainly use my camera for reference shots for my painting.

I put this spread into a scrapbooking competition on Scrap 'n Craft with T, a lovely woman that sells scrapbooking supplies near where I live. The competition forced me to try some new techniques that I don't normally do, like using felt and beading.

I got disqualified in the first round.

Still, I quite like it.


lilasvb said...

your post is nice, like the purple and the draw behind your puppet's picture

Lesley said...

Disqualified! How could they do that to Otis, who is totally adorable. I love these pages and I think it puts a different twist into scrapbooking.
Lesley x

Karin Bartimole said...

Oh, I love Otis, he's got so much character! and your pages - they make me smile :)

noye studios said...

I like it. I like Otis too. :)

Zom said...

I forgot to put a link to the wonderful artist, Carmen Hogue, who made Otis. She has other rabbits and mice on her site for sale.

~Barb~ said...

eh, they didn't have any taste...I adore it! (And I'm not a scrapbooker/album keeper either. *shrug*)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Peace & Love,
Craft Therapy

lynne h said...

surely they didn't disqualify you, zom! no way!

love these pages...


nollyposh said...

i ~Love~ it! <3

lilasvb said...

paper' from bag is a great idear to play with in your art journaling class, thanks for motivation

Connie said...

You know, I definitely think there is a line between scrapbooking and art journaling. There is a definite distinction and intention that is different about the two. To me, scrapbooking is all about getting it nice, neat, orderly, and flowing together cohesively to document an event (like a wedding) or one's life. Art journaling--it's a bit more reflective of our inner world--where things can get messy, and not seem so nice, neat, and orderly.

Scrapbooking is like your house when you're inviting guests over for a dinner party. Art journaling is your house on a day-to-day basis.

That's my humble, Creative Juicy opinion, and I"m sticking to it.

Peace & Love.

PS I'm not one for scrapbooking myself--or cleaning!

Zom said...

Connie, I like your definitions, a LOT.

Especially love where you write:
it's a bit more reflective of our inner world--where things can get messy, and not seem so nice, neat, and orderly