Wednesday, 23 December 2009

an Art Journal Prompt every Wednesday

I promised my art journaling class a prompt every Wednesday, the day of the week that we normally have our class. I will do this over the holidays until the beginning of February to help keep them journaling. Please feel free to jump in whether you are part of the class or not. I would love to see what you make -so please leave a link in my comments.

As always, these are suggestions, jump-starts, inspirations, not assignments. So, if your inspiration alters the idea or leads you somewhere else, related or not, always follow the energy! And feel free to link whether you have followed the original prompt or not. I love to see where people allow themselves to be taken.

So finally, here is the prompt. I had to do something with Christmas, even though personally I don't celebrate it, ha ha. But I know just about everyone else does.

What do you miss about your childhood Christmas?

It might be a person, a tradition, weather, food, anything.


lilasvb said...

i miss your class

lilasvb said...

i miss the snow and christmas tree

Anonymous said...

We don't really celebrate Christmas, but I miss that carefree, light feeling of being a child.

Walk in the Woods said...

No much really! :D And that may have something to do with why I don't celebrate it either. Though I am having a christmas day dinner for my mother-in-law. Go figure.

Now ... I'll get on that *blank* page in my journal! LOL

Zom said...

I didn't imagine you guys answering the question here, I want to see journal pages, LOL.

Sharon said...

The anticipation!!! The adrenlian rush!!! Happy Christmas to you. Sharon

Sydney said...

Just wanted to come aboard to wish you a very peaceful, creative, joy filled holiday time... into the New Year too.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! I clicked to enlarge it and spent quite a while looking at all the little details...all the colors of the pencils and their different lengths, the fountain pen (or some kind) atop the black journal in the background at the upper left, the card with the ducks and your rendering of them on the page in your art journal, etc... You know I am a pen/pencil/ink and paper/journal/book lover. This was a FEAST FOR THE EYES!

Zom said...

Thanks Rochelle. I wish that for you too.

I had to look at the picture again after what you wrote, ha ha.