Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wednesday Art Journal Prompt

There is a lot of different inspiration happening in my life.

Classes are starting up again. This weekend is my workshop, the Six Secrets of Creativity. I am very excited - the weekend workshop is intense (which I love.) The following week art journaling classes start (yay! I miss my students when it's holidays. I love 'em.) And a couple of weeks after that my five week class at Byron Community College called Creativity will Change your Life. I am always open to new inspiration around teaching.

I have been taking a class in beginning bookbinding with Leslie, aka Comfortable Shoes. I finished my first journal. I am very excited to create in my own homemade journal. I am also looking into how to hand alter photos as I want to use more photos in my art journal.

Then, in my studio, I feel the need to gradually change how I am actually painting.

All this brings in a lot of inspiration. Sometimes I feel a bit dizzy.

The prompt for this Wednesday, (this is the last Wednesday prompt as classes are starting next week) is:
Who is your Hero? By hero I mean someone, living or dead, that you admire and would aspire to emulate. Even if it is just certain aspects of them. Your hero doesn't have to be a real person, it might be someone from a story or a cartoon.
Don't take this too seriously, just have a play. You can always pick someone else and do another page if you change your mind.


lilasvb said...

i will be happy to come to your class in february

Zom said...

I will be very happy to have you there. xx

Avital said...

Awesome page!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are one of my heroine...I wish I was closer ...Ohio is in the throes of harsh winter and frigid temperatures. One of my friends is visiting Australia in February and I wish I could go also!!! I worked on my small January Wolf Moon fiber assemblage today but will need much more time to embellish and quilt. I would love to be able to take one of your classes. Have FUN! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

Zom said...

thanks Avital.

Gee Mary, i don't know what I did to deserve being anyone's hero, but thankyou.
It is uncomfortably hot here now. February will be nice.
I would love to have you in my class.

gayle said...

Love the coloured journalling :) I love the hero question, will give it some thought!

Anonymous said...

Saw your link over at the ning group...I like your journaling style...for more prompts...have you seen this blog?
The woman who has this site no longer puts up new posts.