Saturday, 2 January 2010

Winter Tree Art Journal Page


Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful journal Page..I am in the states and today was my first day of a new journal.

Renee said...

Zom I love this journal piece.

You have given me a brilliant idea. I cannot even draw a stick but I have lots of tarot cards, maybe I could do one a day and do something like this. Give me something to do.

Of course it won't be like this, but I can try.

Happy New Year.

Love Renee xooxxo

Zom said...

Hi Renee,
I love that my page gave you an idea. Isn't it fantastic how our inspiration can be ignited?

I photocopy the tarot card, that way you can paint or draw on it if you want.

In the area of drawing, I think stick people can be great in a journal. Don't let 'not being able to draw' stop you - I can't sing but it doesn't stop me, tee hee.

nollyposh said...

Sounds like all the ~energy~ of 2010... Yep it's goNNa be a fab year... all about our iNNer TrUtH/s... X:-)

lilasvb said...

happy new year zom, i love your tree, i am in bali, art journaling with family is a bit hard but i keep on going, meet you soon in february

Anonymous said...

This is a great, fabulous page, I love the mix and the writing - I'm too scared to play with tarot cards. :-)