Saturday, 9 January 2010

Writing in my Art Journal

The other morning I burned my old morning pages. It was a big, fat spiral of writing. A lot of it was just neurotic stream-of-consciousness writing.

There were gems in there as well. Insights about my life, bits of wisdom that came through who knows from where. Sometimes a voice enters that is not my conscious voice, maybe it is some kind of access to a "higher self" although I prefer to think it is one of my guides, cause I like that idea.

What is on my mind now is what do I write in my journal? In my second art journal I wrote mostly those 'gems' from my morning pages. I still want to do that, but I want to do it sooner. It has been getting so that I write stuff from my pages that I wrote six months ago. While what I write is still relevant, it doesn't feel very fresh. I want to write it in sooner.

I like the idea of writing lists, and ideas for my art, but I am worried that I will forget where they are.

Some people write like in a diary. What they did that day and how they felt. I often get bored when I write that stuff. Though I like it when other people do. I did it on these pages and I like it. Maybe I will try doing that some more.

What do you write in your art journal?


ABCcreativity said...

i tend to do the art part and the writing part together. the art part opens me up to inspiration and then the messages just flow in.

to me, inspiration means in spirit.

so the messages i receive when i work in my art journal are always nourishing, and exactly what i need right then.

that's my favourite part of art journaling!

Kim said...

First time commenting :) I write in my journal like it is a diary- but then often I don't post it on my blog because I think- oh no- people will read this and think me boring, self-centered, etc. I guess I need to be more brave. I love your blog- you have been inspiring me since I started following you :)

Zom said...

Thanks ABC

Kim, thanks for commenting. Maybe you could start out with the least scary pages? People might judge you as interesting and generous!

lilasvb said...

i write more in a computer diary and take some part for my art work

Lindart said...

I love your journal page and the way that you finished the images by drawing out from them. What do I put in my journal? My boring day-by-day life. Anything special that happened that day. I rarely write philosophical musings. I like what you are writing. I wish i could write like that!

Anonymous said...

I am still learning so I don'thave a set way to journal yet ...I collage when I want to ... I write when I want on. Not regiment.
I always like to know basics ... so how do you do your jounal lines? do you have a stamp? i really like that look.

Mariza said...

I love this page - the text is organized so neatly and the colors are great. I don't really write much in my art journal, mostly because I don't like the way it feels to write over paint! :) I used to do morning pages too, but I didn't really merge them with my art journal - that's a good idea, although I can see what you're saying about it becoming irrelevant if you wait too long. Right now I just write random phrases that come to me out of nowhere, but would like to get back into writing more!

Zom said...

Thanks for responding. I am finding it really interesting.

I think I will be writing more daily stuff. The funny thing is that I find it interesting to read that stuff in other people's journals. I think we are always curious how other people live.

Melanie, I just write out the lines. I don't try to make them consistent or anything.

Zom said...
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Ellen said...

I don't tend to do much writing in my art journal but I do my morning pages as if I an thinking on paper. Never like a dairy of what I did that day. Always like a conversation with myself. I have taken old morning pages and used them for background under gesso and paint but still showing through slightly. I'm trying to do more writing in my art journal but find it challenging.

Anonymous said...

First I had a different notebook for different stuff - one for writing, one for art, one for lists, one for ideas/notes .. then I changed my mind and used one journal for everything. Then I changed it back and had many journals. The I found that every journal started to have everything in it - the writing, the art, the lists, the notes .. First I liked big journals, then I prefered smaller ones .. and on and on! lol one thing I could not do was the morning papers. When I'm told "Do this everyday.." my system automatically rebels