Sunday, 28 March 2010

the Artist works First and Foremost on Her Soul

The following is a quote I found in my stuff. I am not sure who the Freedom Engineer is, I tried to Google it but got a load of political stuff.

My theory is that the true artist produces nothing. Only a craftsperson produces, and produces regularly.

The artist works, yes, but she works first and foremost on her Soul: that is what is specific about her work and what distinguishes it from the work of a craftsperson. The work of the artist on her Soul is comparable to Grace. (In difficult times, all her energy, all her efforts are required in order to simply maintain that state of grace.) The work of an artist is an inside one, a going in, an internalization process. Actually the opposite of what is expected of her: an outpour into an objective artwork.

Art, true art, is that miracle precisely. That the artist manages at once two diametrically opposed, antinomic, actions. In that sense, yes art is a miracle akin to the Mystery of Divine Creation.

There is Incarnation. And the artist is nothing else than divine incarnated, a Presence of the eternal in a finite being, in a finite life. The artist relives, rebirthes this incarnation of the divine inside of herself. That is how she becomes a creator, in commune with all the other artists of the past: those are her riches, the infinite quality of her (and everyone's) Soul.

The miraculous process in which an artist will not internalize anymore but actually reach toward the outside and give us a kind of photocopy of her rich, divine Soul, in short an Artwork, is not a process she can control. That process is totally independent from her and she cannot choose the time or the manner in which it happens.

She has to wait.

Of course she can always produce as everyone does, as a craftsperson does but she knows and feels that these works are products and not true works of creation. They can be beautiful goods but will contribute nothing to the fulfillment of her Soul.

the Freedom Engineer, newsletter no 6, Paris 1990

Personally, I feel there is a deep truth in what the Freedom Engineer has written. I think that this possibility of creating true art is in every person, however they express their own creativity.

I also think that we don't wait for it, but that we create and create, becoming more confident and trusting ourselves more so that we can birth the true creation of our Souls when it comes knocking, as many times as possible.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What if only artists who could sell their work painted?

What if only artists who could sell their works painted? What if only professional dancers danced? What if no one would sing unless you payed them?

If, as an artist, you assumed your work was worthless because no one bought it, how would anyone ever even begin to create? How about all the wonderful artists who have never sold anything?

Some things have innate worth. Worth from the action of doing them, worth because of their innate meaning.

(Thank you dear Nolly Posh for sharing this video.)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Does Art have to be Business?

Here is part of an email that my big brother sent me with love and the best intentions about my work as an artist.

Do not worry, Dear Sister, I will not give you a lecture on marketing. You know, better than I, what styles sell, and what prices move the most. I am just pointing out some advice that could result in your name becoming better known and shown more. My guess is that galleries like what you create, but also know that they need to display what will sell the quickest in order to stay afloat. Finding out what styles of art are popular, that you can create better and at least as quickly than anyone (at affordable prices), is called “filling an unmet need” in marketing lingo.

Yes, it is commercial. and yes the art market is competitive. However, as you must admit, it is better than starving. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU COMPROMISE YOUR STANDARDS! I am only suggesting that you take note of what styles sell the fastest, and at what prices they sell, then use your talents to produce those same styles, but better than anyone else, for sellable prices. AVOID trying to force the market into what they “should” buy! For the time being, let the market guide you. Do a little research among galleries, and find out what sells the fastest, and where you can improve on the “unmet need”.

Dear Brother,

I appreciate your advice, and I am sure you are right in terms of business. And certainly many people say that art must be treated as a business...

But I am afraid that I am on another track altogether.

I am the worst kind of idealist. I believe that art can be the work of the Soul - and that is what I am trying for. And that is what I love and that is why I am doing it. If I were to follow your capable advice I would have to come from a very cynical place (Not that I think you are!) What you describe is what is called commercial art. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is NOT what I am doing.

I admit it, I have a secret desire to be a priest or a minister except I do not believe in established religion as such. So I 'preach' through my painting and my teaching. You could not say to your minister "tell your congregation what they would like to hear and then your congregation will grow". Well, I guess you could, lol, but it would not be a good minister that would do so.

I would much rather take some other job and work on my art as a 'hobby' than try and figure out what people want and give it to them. Look at what people want, dear brother. It is not so good. I want to help in some small way to change the world, not reinforce the direction it is already going.

your little sister

What do you think? How do you feel about your art?

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Isn't it wonderful to receive acknowledgement? Is there any greater gift?

So different from flattery, acknowledgement is truthful and sincere. Purer than a compliment, it can be a simple statement of fact.

That painting made me cry.

You made the difference so I could try and create.

I never feel judged by you.

For the one acknowledged, to be told what someone has received from you helps you to know what you are giving. It can inform you of a talent or gift you have that you might not have been aware of. It can help you know what path you are on, that you are on track, or help you see yourself in another way.

Don't assume that a person knows what others receive from them. It is so difficult for us to see ourselves. They may have tried for years to be wise or loving or kind, and not be able to see that they are succeeding.

Thank you to those who have helped me with their acknowledgements. It is the confirmation that helps me to persist in the face of my self-doubt.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Do you have the Weirdo Syndrome?

I notice that I love to watch, hear about people who are different.

I highly recommend this post. I don't know anything about the website (yet) but I love this post on "Do you have the Wierdo Syndrome?"

I let out a big *sigh* after reading it. Come back and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sticking Stuff in my Art Journal

I am enjoying putting stuff from my daily life in my art journal. On these pages are a list of Kelly Kilmer's recommended pens and drawings from a game of Pictionary that I played with the family next door. It feels good just to stick stuff in.