Sunday, 28 March 2010

the Artist works First and Foremost on Her Soul

The following is a quote I found in my stuff. I am not sure who the Freedom Engineer is, I tried to Google it but got a load of political stuff.

My theory is that the true artist produces nothing. Only a craftsperson produces, and produces regularly.

The artist works, yes, but she works first and foremost on her Soul: that is what is specific about her work and what distinguishes it from the work of a craftsperson. The work of the artist on her Soul is comparable to Grace. (In difficult times, all her energy, all her efforts are required in order to simply maintain that state of grace.) The work of an artist is an inside one, a going in, an internalization process. Actually the opposite of what is expected of her: an outpour into an objective artwork.

Art, true art, is that miracle precisely. That the artist manages at once two diametrically opposed, antinomic, actions. In that sense, yes art is a miracle akin to the Mystery of Divine Creation.

There is Incarnation. And the artist is nothing else than divine incarnated, a Presence of the eternal in a finite being, in a finite life. The artist relives, rebirthes this incarnation of the divine inside of herself. That is how she becomes a creator, in commune with all the other artists of the past: those are her riches, the infinite quality of her (and everyone's) Soul.

The miraculous process in which an artist will not internalize anymore but actually reach toward the outside and give us a kind of photocopy of her rich, divine Soul, in short an Artwork, is not a process she can control. That process is totally independent from her and she cannot choose the time or the manner in which it happens.

She has to wait.

Of course she can always produce as everyone does, as a craftsperson does but she knows and feels that these works are products and not true works of creation. They can be beautiful goods but will contribute nothing to the fulfillment of her Soul.

the Freedom Engineer, newsletter no 6, Paris 1990

Personally, I feel there is a deep truth in what the Freedom Engineer has written. I think that this possibility of creating true art is in every person, however they express their own creativity.

I also think that we don't wait for it, but that we create and create, becoming more confident and trusting ourselves more so that we can birth the true creation of our Souls when it comes knocking, as many times as possible.

What do you think?


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a very holy post about the birth of a human grace...and true incarnation of our confidence as we make our sacred marks. I have ordered the movie Seraphine but the wait is killing had an unexplained delay but from what I have researched on line I can hardly wait for its arrival. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Spring is slowly arriving here in Ohio...I am so ready to see the green buds.

lilasvb said...

as usual it is very interesting to follow your blog! thanks

Connie said...

Oh Zom,

This could not be more timely in my life right now. I want to tell you exactly what I mean...but it would take days to sum it up. Come on over to DFStudio and hang out in a few of my past might get an idea of what I want to say.

Thank you for posting this.

Big hugs,

Zom said...

Mary, thank you for those words, they are deep affirmation.

Valery, how are you going?

Connie, I am glad it spoke to you. The words were timely for me as well.

nollyposh said...

Yes i think true art is Divine in more ways than one <3

Anonymous said...

wonderful words, vibrating truth. although yes i agree that there is sometimes no authority on the how when where ...BUT there are times when I personally have to grab myself by the scruff and make it happen or the internal will dissolve. it is all beautiful, the creation and the struggle:)
glad to find u here zom, i used to work at waywood w/ mel and greg. i always loved your intricate patient work.

Jackie said...

I love this post . If I had read it before I think I may have understood your art is really hard post better :)