Friday, 2 April 2010

Art Journal Backgrounds Printing with Gesso Resist

I am really enjoying making art journal backgrounds using gesso resist. I thought I would show you a few and tell you how I make them.

Below is a background that I did using leaves. I painted the leaf with gesso and then printed the page with it. After the gesso was dry, I painted over the top with watered down green acrylic paint. I brushed some on and then wiped it with a paper towel. That lessens the brush marks and helps it to dry quickly.
Without worrying about if the first layer of paint was dry, I took the paper towel and smudged on some burnt sienna. The contrast of the warm against the cool colour gives a nice feeling of depth.
On this background I used a fern. First I placed the fern on the page and held it there while I painted over the top with gesso. Then I picked the fern up and printed the next page with the fern. After the gesso was completely dry I painted over the top with watered down alizarin crimson acrylic paint. You could probably use watercolours just as well. I prefer the acrylic because I can paint several layers and don't have to worry that the next layer will pick up the previous one.
The girl is a drawing that I did in my moleskine, then photocopied and collaged it onto the background.
With this final background, I started with two prompts we had done in my art journaling class. I had written them on graph paper, so I tore them out and glued them onto the page with matt gel medium.
I printed the pages with roses painted with gesso and after drying followed that with red paint mixed with a touch of white and then a few spots of ultramarine.

You could print pages with lots of things: stamps, found objects like buttons and bottle caps, chipboard shapes, paper cutouts, anything. Link back and let me see what you do.


lilasvb said...

very nice explaination and gorgeous results

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful results.

Mariza said...

very cool!! I've accidentally done this but just found it annoying since it was unintentional - it didn't even occur to me to actually use it on purpose (I love the stamping idea). thanks!

Blu said...

Beautiful images here on your blog.

lynne h said...

thank you, zom... i like this.

watched 'seraphine' last night. thank you for that too.


donna malone said...

Thanks for the wonderful explanantion Zom. I do this accidently and dont really know how it comes about. am trying to work now with more intention. so thankyou. what great fun! love donna

Zom said...

So glad you guys like the backgrounds.

That is funny Mariza, annoying becomes something else.

Lynne, it hasn't come to Australia yet - I look forward to it.

Donna, it's that balance of intention and intuition isn't it? I strive for less intention, tee hee.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

thank you for your generous lesson...making a print with gesso is something I have never worked with and I hope to try it in fabric dye processes...have you worked with gesso and dyes? I so love the ferns and leaves as prints...Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Connie said...

Such a cool technique, Zom!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Big hugs,

Zom said...

Mary Helen, I haven't worked a lot with fabric, but I would like to!

Hi Connie *waving*.

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh I like this gesso thing very much. Thank you for your encouragement about my Muslin sweet.

I like your thoughtful words and journals very much. Journals are not my thing really. I like to paint or write but it is hard for me to do both in one place...