Tuesday, 13 April 2010

a Little Conversation

I have been feeling inadequate and anxious lately about what I think I have to do to further my career as an artist. Feeling that what I am doing is not enough. Feeling that I am not enough.

When I feel confused or unsure I have a certain writing process that I do to get answers.

I am not really sure how to explain it.

Is it channeling? Am I talking to my higher self? I am not sure. My preference is to imagine that I am talking to my angels, but the truth is that I don't know. I just know that the advice is good and very loving - and wiser than my own thoughts.

Here is how it went. It began with them(?) speaking.

We are in agreement that the society you live in is not very healthy. So why, if one of your most important values is to contribute to healing and transforming that culture, would you worry about learning the rules of how to succeed within that culture?

Because I am imagining that I need some kind of success/power within that culture in order to be heard?

And what do you think your chances are? Of learning how society works and then succeeding that way?

I think I have probably learned pretty much to my capacity. To really go down the route of meeting the 'right' people and making advantageous connections I would need a personality implant. I think if I succeed in a public sense, it will be through my pathways and talents of synchronicity, intuition, divine help and luck.

So why are you torturing yourself?

Good question. Habit?


ABCcreativity said...

i love this zom.
so wise to question where our motivations are coming from.

lynne h said...

zom, i think that we do so much stuff out of habit, and it's counterproductive to us as spiritual beings... it feels to me like this is the time to let that old stuff go.... i've been thinking about this lately as i see so many artists 'networking'. i know that i can not possibly do all of this 'networking' and be true to my path or even remain sane! it strikes me as funny that we think we have to 'network' - that the Divine Network (synchronicity, intuition, divine help) isn't operating perfectly well...

thank you for this post, sweet woman... i'm here turning my gaze (over and over again) towards the Divine Network...


Connie said...



Huh. Habit.

Thank you Zom. You just opened a window for me.

Big hugs.

Katrina said...

lovely thanks Zom

Zom said...

xox to you guys.

lilasvb said...

thanks zom!!!!

rhomany said...

Hmmm. Are you sure you didn't get a crossed wire there and start talking to MY inner self by mistake?
I seem to have to have 'a word' with myself like this so often.

jenine said...

Love your logic Zom!

Anonymous said...

too many bad habits we have! you may or may not be doing enough - but you are enough.

nollyposh said...

Pleeease post more of your Dee&Dee conversations because THAT was wonderful and spoke directly to my heart ~Thankyou~ <3 <3 <3
(You sure you're not me??? Lol!)

nollyposh said...

(Ps)i would ~love~ to see a book of these conversations combined with your art... (Mind you i guess that is your art journalling already?) Although this does seem a little more direct somehow, anyway i love it and wish we were next door neighbors x

Zom said...

Dearest Nolly,

I am a little self-conscious about the conversations. Are they channeling? It's all a little embarrassing when I imagine what other people will think. But the truth is that I love what they say, even though I tend to look a bit of a Wally. haha