Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday Art Journal Prompt

My Art Journaling class is on Easter break, so I am back to blogging Wednesday prompts for them. Please feel free to join in.

This week's prompt can be ongoing; meaning that you can do it daily. Write down three things that you are grateful for. Be specific. Don't write: good friends. Write: I am grateful for my friend Sally's willingness to take the kids when I need a break. Being specific does two things, it makes you think about why you are grateful and it helps with not repeating yourself. Write the 3 things every day and try not to repeat yourself. I have been doing it most days. It is a lovely way to remember and end my day.


lilasvb said...

ok, i follow you! i am gratefull for you to make me start art!

Anonymous said...

I like this idea a lot (although I seem to have a natural tendancy to rebel against things that need to be done everyday).
About young people - I have always tried to remain fresh on what I was when I was younger, and this has helped me better understand my own children, as well as others', and also helped me keep my own mind young.

Zom said...

I am with you Gypsy, that is why I said I do it most days, haha.

La Dolce Vita said...

I love making gratitude lists and the specifics is really important.. thanks

nollyposh said...

~Love~ *you* too DD <3
and i am grateful for ~You~ in my Life x