Monday, 5 April 2010

Which Art Journal Would You Choose?

I have filled the last pages of my art journal with backgrounds, and it is almost complete.
It's time to decide on my new art journal.

I recently completed making another handmade journal from Comfortable Shoes' workshop Make your Own Journal (highly recommended by the way.) I made it with Canson watercolour paper. I sewed postal bag stuff over the posterboard cover, I don't know what it's made of -but it's tough. I like the rugged, recycled look.
The cover before I sewed it together. There is gesso and collage underneath the postal bagging stuff.
You can see how I sewed the cover. The little corners are protected. I like the soft cover because it weighs less than my hardback journals.
I might use this one next, even though it's a little smaller than I would like. I like changing sizes.

Here are the journals that I have to choose from:
Oh, the one on the top left is my present journal (see top photo). It's there for size comparison. The other collaged journal on the bottom left is another handmade journal. I don't really like the guady covers. I wasn't thinking about what I wanted in a journal when I made them.

Which one would you choose?


brigitte said...

if it were me i would choose the one you just made. i have been searching and searching for the right journal. i find that i don't like square or landscape journals. and of course the paper inside is always of concern. i would like to make a journal that is about 6x9 in size. and yes not having the right journal is yet another excuse not to journal. maybe i will check the class you took.

Zom said...

I probably wouldn't know the 'right' journal if it hit me in the nose, tee hee. Because I enjoy trying stuff out. For me the art journal is a lot about trying stuff out and change. That is why I like to keep switching sizes.

Bridgette, if you aren't journaling, I would really encourage you to jump in with anything. Fill it up while you continue to look for the perfect journal.

Emma said...

I grew up in a post office (which my parent's ran) so I feel compelled to choose the one with the postage label on it. I also love the way you've sewn it.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I keep several small journals going at the same by my in my car when I am able to drive in my upstairs studio when I can climb stairs again...I love the green one...and I can't explain why except the green is renewing my spirit her in Newark, Ohio. Happy Easter dear friend and walk into the moist rain forest for me and inhale renewal I remember when I was there in 1993. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anonymous said...

the postal label cover because of it's simplicity.....i don't know much about your style but from what i have seen the other two aren't quite "you..."
hope this helps...:)

brigitte said...

i am trying to do just that. at this point i think the perfect journal will have to be made. now to find the class to teach me to make it. LOL
love your work and look forward to seeing what you do in any and all of the journals.

nollyposh said...

i love the idea of art on all different patterned backgrounds (especially yours!) x

Zom said...

Thanks for all the opinions. I have started the postal one so I can try out the watercolour paper.

Dearest Nolly, I don't quite understand what you are saying, but I am intrigued.