Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thoughtful Thursday -the Blessing of a Mentor

Last week I had a visit to my artist mentor. For many years I didn't have a mentor, though I was fortunate to have a wonderful teacher who taught me to paint. In between there have been many years of working alone.

I see my mentor about every two or so months. Often I bring in paintings that I am working on. Sometimes I just go to see and talk about what he is painting. I admire and sympathize with his work. His work often inspires me, but I wouldn't say it greatly influences me. This is because while we are coming from very similar interests and motivations, our work is quite different in its expression.

He is an excellent mentor. He doesn't try and influence me, but supports what I am trying to do.

Having a mentor is a real blessing. They don't even have to be in person. I have mentors and teachers who I listen to their podcasts or videos, or read their books. There are mentors and teachers all around us if we open our eyes.


La Dolce Vita said...

oh I totally agree everyone needs a mentor, and in my case, I think I have about 3-4 artists that act as that for me. it is imperative to have that encouragement and support but also the sharing and the feelings, studio art can be so isolating... one of the blessings of blogging is that it gets us out of the studio and sharing with each other! great pages btw!

Ophelia said...

I found your blog today and I am in LOVE! What an inspiration you are!

nollyposh said...

Just like *You* are Mine <3

Zom said...

Yes La Dolce, we need our mentors and our artist friends to help with the isolation.

Ophelia, thank you!

Vicki, and you are mine. xox

The Journal Challenge said...

wonderful post as always