Sunday, 13 June 2010

Nearly Two Years of Blogging

It has been nearly two years since I started this blog. Since then it has gone through a few different stages. I actually began it using a different name as I was shy to be 'seen' on the web.
After about a month of blogging I posted my first art journal pages. Here is one of my favourite early pages, I called it the Pregnant Page.
I started posting the stages of my art journal pages as a kind of tutorial. After a few months, I officially declared that my blog was now about art journaling. That was in 2008. I said that I had been looking for blogs about art journaling and hadn't found much so I wanted to write the blog that I wanted to read. It is so funny to read that now. There are loads of blogs on art journaling now.
Over the last two years I have made a few videos, met a lot of wonderful loving creative fellow bloggers, written tutorials, opinions, visions and all kinds of silly stuff.

And now it's time for... I am not completely sure. At the very least a holiday. A long one I think. Two or three months. Maybe I will return with a new blog, or a new subject for the blog. I have always felt an artist blog would be next. One where I write about my life as an artist in the studio, and out of it. But not quite yet...

Monday, 7 June 2010

Message Monday

If you are wondering what message Monday is, go here. Otherwise I think it is pretty self-explanatory.

Just do what is in front of you with complete presence and therefore integrity. Feel everything that comes up with less thinking.

Stay present in your body. Pray and hand over to God.

Allow things to unfold.
Be courageous and go into the unknown.

Go for action where there is a choice.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Feminist Friday - a definition of Feminism

If you go back to the roots of the word 'feminism' it literally means 'to believe in the feminine'. This intrigues me, because then it becomes inclusive of much more than women and women's rights. It includes all that might be defined as the feminine. I am thinking about the Masculine and the Feminine more like in the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang where two contrasting energies make up the total of reality.

If feminism is thought of under this definition it would include everything that has feminine properties. Then rather than looking at just how women have been held back and injured, we would be looking at how the rejection or dishonouring of the Feminine is effecting humanity as a whole and the larger world.