Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Helloooo!! I am Back! Art Journal Background

I don't know for how long or how much posting, but here I am. And it feels good.

I have been making backgrounds for my art journal. I was taking photos to send in an email to my art journaling class and I thought ... why not make it into a post? That sounded kinda fun so here I am. Missed you guys.
I like to paste stuff underneath my backgrounds for extra layer interest. This is one of my favourite ways to approach backgrounds. I often use pages from old books. In this case I also used some 'spill' writing (writing where you complain or worry or whatever you need to get out) that I wanted to put in my journal. I want it in there, but not to read. It feels good sometimes to cover that stuff up, symbolically bury it so to speak. That is also why I glued it in upsidedown.
On this page I glued an important envelope. It brought me the good news that I am a finalist for the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Prize.
I usually glue my undercollage with acrylic matt medium. This is because it will stayed glued even though the next layer is usually wet. You have to be generous with it.
Here I have used a map of the state where I was born as my undercollage. I haven't been back to the U.S. in 16 years, and I haven't been back to Portland in 30. I really want to visit Portland again.
And here I used a magazine picture.
The next stage is some gesso. I used a single coat because I want the undercollage to show, sometimes I wipe some off to make it lighter in selected spots.
With the envelope I did what is called a gesso resist. Because gesso accepts paint differently than plain paper I can stamp designs with gesso and it will show up when I put the layer of paint on. I will show you further down the page.
I used black gesso with the magazine photo. I ended up using two coats as this is the cheap stuff. I don't like using cheap gesso for precisely this reason ( I have to use two coats.)
The next step is acrylic paint. On these pages I put some cobalt blue directly on the page and then brushed and smoodged (technical term) it around with a crumpled paper towel. As you can see I don't worry about getting it even or even covering the page.
You can see why as I continue. Without even waiting for the blue to completely dry I put some yellow ochre down on the spread. Once again, I didn't try and cover the page, I just put a bit down in different places and then pushed it around with a paper towel. I liked it as this point so I left it.
This is the spread with the envelope. I worked on it in a similar way as the previous pages, this time using yellow and red. But I put them both on at the same time and when I pushed it around with a brush and a little water they mixed into this happy orange. If you look carefully you can see where I used the stamp to make the gesso resist. If I had used a darker paint it would have showed up more.
I wanted the map pages to be more subdued so that the map would show up. Here I smoodged burnt sienna.
And then a coat of cobalt. I used the cobalt very lightly and only in a few places. I am going to leave it there.

Hey, thanks for sticking around.


PaperPumpkin said...

Thank you SO much for this post! I love your pages and I learned so much! I want to do a gesso resist stamping tomorrow in my journal. This will be new for me. I am so excited! thanks! ♥ Kathy

nollyposh said...

Yippeee! Missed *You* ma bloggy friend... Am in the middle of a spring clean and found three journals ready to go... So this post is perfectly timed ~Thankyou~ and Welcome Back! <3

apinkdreamer said...

i'm so happy you came back!!!

Zom said...

Aw gee gosh. Thanks you guys. I feel all warm and fuzzy (I almost wrote fussie, haha).

Happy1234 said...

This is great - thanks for sharing :)

Momo Luna said...

Great! Very inspiring this post. Now i'm off to the store to buy myself some new gesso and stuff. :-D

Laurie Zabel said...

I love this post! I am rather new to art journaling and have been a little unsure of making backgrounds. Thank you for the inspiration!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Congratulations on the contest...I am so happy for your accomplishments! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart