Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Beginning of a New Drawing

I began a new drawing.

I have quite a few compositional sketches in my studio sketchbook. Some feel like paintings, some feel like drawings. I want this new series to have both.

I began the drawing on the table looking out the window. I have only recently moved the table there as I usually draw on my drawing table or on the easel. It is comfy sitting down.

After a few days the drawing wasn't going well. It seemed stale. I felt very discouraged.
Today I realized that it might have to do with drawing at the table. When I put it up on my easel, I saw that the proportions were out. Because I was able to step back from the drawing, I could better see what was off.
I had to do some redrawing, but it is looking better.
There is a long way to go yet.


iHanna said...

your window view with the desk looks lovely though. I have never painted or drawn by an easel. I hope your work by it goes well, I'd love to follow the progress of this drawing/process.

PaperPumpkin said...

Beautiful view. I too want to see the progress of this lovely drawing of yours! ♥

betsy cañas garmon said...

"Because I was able to step back from the drawing, I could better see what was off."

I like thinking about this as a metaphor for life. Sometimes we have to make a shift and get a better perspective. Thanks again for sharing the process!


lilasvb said...

very nice view!

Zom said...

iHanna, I find that whether I need to work at an easel has to do with size. I have yet to put my art journal up there, haha.

PaperPumkin, I will post the progress. Thanks for your interest.

Good point Betsy, and one I really needed to hear. I am being pounded by self-doubt at the moment.

Hi Valery!

nollyposh said...

ooooooooh i ~Love~ it already <3

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a beautiful studio space...the window is so inspiring and the drawing is coming along beautifully. I really did miss you when you were gone to rest your spirit. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart