Thursday, 23 September 2010

Drawing Under the Fig Trees

As I was struggling with my new drawing, I had the suspicion that my problem is because I am working from a photo.
I work mostly from reference photos. It is not the ideal choice, but models are expensive and few people want to sit still for hours. Because I have put in hundreds of hours of life drawing, I can usually add in what photos leave out. And my figures often 'come alive'.

But this wasn't happening with the fig trees.
I realized that I needed to go and draw them from life.

Unfortunately we are coming into spring in Australia. This is a very different season than the one I grew up with in the States.

It is a dangerous time of year. The snakes have woken from winter.
My DH was away for a week. The neighbours were up north and no one else was on the land. If anything happened, who would hear me call? I hushed my apprehensions and entered the grove.

It is a place of awe. The fig trees tower into the air. It is quiet but for the occasional bird cry and rustlings in the underbrush. What are those rustlings? I keep my eyes on the ground for snakes.
I settle in to draw. I am near the bee hive. I watch them buzz over me on their way to and from the hive.
After ten minutes the buzzing gets much louder. I jump up, certain that a bee is in my hair. I leap about, rustling my hair frantically. But the buzzing continues. I desperately rip off my polar fleece vest. The poor bees little feet are caught in its bright pink loops. It thought I was a giant pink flower!

I should have done my drawing in nature over the winter.


Jackie said...

you know what came to me as I was reading this post? I thought about your drawing "the return" (hope I have the name correct)That would make a cool drawing /painting ,your figure wearing pink and the bees being drawn to it :) of course i did take some benadryl ;)
Anyway, I love that you went into the fig trees for your ART !

Louise said...

I love your fig trees and would love to see your drawing, with or without the pink polar fleece flower and the bee :-)

Zom said...

I think it is a good idea Jackie. Where do I get benadryl, for inspiration purposes? LOL

Thank you Louise. You can see the very beginning of the drawing in the post below, and I will post its development as well.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Please be wary of the snakes they are now very hungry and maybe a bit curious after their winter they hibernate there? Our snakes are still basking in the sun...right on my front porch some days! Best wishes...let the muse guide you sacred marks. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

nollyposh said...

Oh Lol! You brave girl... The bizzy buzzy bee for cre~ate~tivity! Hey i can see a little face high up in a *magic* tree! (Ps) Wish i could come and sit quietly by you while you sketch... i would close my eyes and ~dream~ and if i heard a bug... i would chase it away for you, because that's what friends are for! <3