Saturday, 16 October 2010

Beginning New Paintings

I decided to start some new paintings, small ones so that I could begin to work some ideas out. I elected to paint over one of my old paintings that I don't like. I started with sanding the old painting. It's on wood so I can do that.
Instead of painting it over with underpainting white, I thought I would try and use the previous painting for a kind of multi-layered background. Like I might do in my art journal. So I put a glaze of ochre yellow over the top.
While that was drying, I began another work, the same size. I also want to do a multi-layered background on this one, but this time with acrylic. I have put down yellow ochre and a layer of cobalt.
I have added more layers of oil to the first background. It is looking quite dark, and the figure isn't disappearing as I wanted.
On the acrylic background I have done a gesso resist print with a leaf, and then come back with more layers of colour.
Now I start to plan my composition.

I copied my drawing to a few different sizes to try them out on the background. Then I drew the figure onto the background and gessoed it. This is because I want to paint from a white ground.
I used the same compositional tool with the oil background. This time I tried four different sizes. The first one is too small.
This one is too big.
I like this size. Would you have chosen the same one? There isn't really a wrong choice, it just depends on what you want to express.
I liked her better shifted toward the front of the board.

I prefer the acrylic background to this dark oil one. But either one could end up being the better painting, you just don't know.


susan christensen said...

Beautiful drawing, Zom and fun to see your method of beginning. Keep us posted as the piece progresses.

Karin Bartimole said...

I have to say, I really love the dark oil background! I can't tell if the shadow of the previous figure still shows, but i found the hint of her very appealing. I realize that might not have been what you want - just wanted to say it's beautiful to me. As was seeing your process unfold - thank you!

eva said...

Putting the figure closer to the left side really made a difference, it's like there's room for thoughts after the figure or something. I'm very interested in composition and the way paintings are being "read, but I'm not good at explaining it! For me, under-painting is a must. Layers and layers and layers and layers.... do you have a standard under paint colour/set up that you keep coming back to? I always use green, but I get the impression that ochre, browns and red is more normal? Seeing all the pretty layers in your paint has inspired me to get more creative with my under-paint:)

Zom said...

Karin, that is interesting that you like the dark one. I am going to go ahead with it and see how it goes. I have found that what I prefer, especially in the beginning, isn't necessarily what works. Thanks for your input.

Eva, I try everything in terms of layers. If you go back to my earlier posts of journal pages (under journal pages in the tags) you will find all kinds of combinations. I often go with harmonious colours and then will finish off with a light glaze of a complementary colour. I find that gives a lot of interest.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Small packages build big dreams into fruition...beautiful small gifts from your soul. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Stephanie said...

how interesting it is to see the process you are going through for your art. I really liked seeing your background evolve. So clever you are!