Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Maybe I will Get out the Watercolours again

Here is the view out one of my studio windows. Those are tin sheets covering the lawn mower and some firewood.

Several years ago I did a show of tiny watercolours. Since then I haven't used them much. But now I am feeling pulled again. Maybe it is all the drawing I have been doing. I want to pop bits of colour in.

I got my old tubes of watercolour out from the ancient chest of drawers in the studio. I have a lot of very old (twenty years) art materials. When Jane came to visit, she saw my coloured pencils and called them 'vintage'. That was funny.

I am tired of plopping bits of watercolour onto a white plate. I thought about going to pans, but I have all these old tubes. So I started looking at watercolour palettes. I didn't really want the heavy metal one, I have had some experience of them rusting. The plastic one seemed a bit cheap. So my dear friend Sabine from Still@the Centre ordered one inbetween. A nice light plastic but good quality so it will last.
The tiny palette on the left is one I have had for twenty years. I used it for sketching when out and about. It fills full of water. Pretty cool, but not much colour mixing room.

I am excited to use my new palette.


Walk in the Woods said...

Oh, yes ~ Getting out the watercolors! And I love the look of your new palette ! that's what I need. I hope you enjoy your season of green lushness … just as I enjoy the season of cool darkness and rest! I look forward to my winters … when my dreams and actions turn back to Creating! Well … creating artful things! :)


eva said...

I wish the view from my window looked like that just now.. nature is preparing for winter here, and it's cold, dark and wet.

I love watercolours- I often draw using a dip pen and ink, and use watercolours along with it. I find that the work I make with watercolours and ink seem more alive and organic than the ones I make using oil paint, acrylics or even pencils.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Yes you may ...mother may I...get out those watercolors and play with the beautiful light. I love the pools of puddles of colors in my palette box...yours looks so clean :O)! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Serena said...

What a beautiful view from your studio! I'm very new to watercolours and only have the dirt cheap brands apart from my watercolour pastels...LOVE them! I plan to build up some supplies of watercolours though as I do love working with them in my journals. YES, I think you should definitely give them another try.

I've only just found your blog via an interview Jane Davenport did recently and I'm so glad I did. I love your art journaling and I also love your art. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog archives and look forward to keeping up with your blog.

Love, light and peace,
Serena :)

lilasvb said...

lucky you, your studio is so nice
it is one year i am blogging and i have to thank you, you are the one who gives me motivation for this adventure

nollyposh said...

i know how you feel... i am excited to have a new art journal... i love that you have your old paints <3

kathy said...

I only just saw that you made a very nice comment about my Blog photos. Thanks so much Zom. Love the tree sketches! I'm an alumni of an Cathy Johnson's online class. She recently posted her homemade travel set. I dug out my old cotman set. I was amazed how fresh the pan colors were after about 20yrs.

susan christensen said...

your window view is quite a contrast to my view. i look forward to seeing what comes up for you in watercolors. aren't new tools wonderful?

vacariu.com said...
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Jane Davenport said...

Heh aweZOM!
That palette looks yummy. I am always on the look out for palette innovations...I have a favourite one for flesh tones, another for BIG paintings ( oh yeah! I am doing Connies BIG and fearless painting ecourse. i think i am in love with her. girl crush alert. she is way to cool. Just LOVING her teaching... she told me she was bff's with you!), another for watercolour, little porcelain nesting dishes from Sabine for my small desk....different palettes for different moods...
I love paint. LOVE.
and I just ordered some weird one from the USA...gotta love that exchange rate!
See you soon xx Jane