Tuesday, 30 November 2010

to Blog More I may have to Comment Less

I think I want to blog more, but to do that I might need to comment less. I hope you guys understand.

I have ideas for posts and I start them but they don't get published. Then down the track, I lose interest so they are never posted. Because spontaneity is the nature of the blog isn't it? Blogs did start out as online diaries.

I know people who plan posts weeks and months ahead. I think they are mostly people with businesses. Fair enough. They usually have very professional blogs. But I am more comfortable just posting off the cuff. This isn't a business, it is just sharing. And I have more I would like to share, I just need a more time to do it.

I have been enjoying bringing my days to you. Sharing what I am up to in the studio. I worry a little as I don't see other professional artists doing that. Is there some good reason? Will you be bored of the painting before it is finished? Will galleries be less interested if the work has already been "shown" online?


Bernice said...

I thought the whole point of a blog is that it is your personal statement. It doesn't matter what other artists do, or don't do. Stay the way you are. Those of us that follow your blog, do so because of the way it is. I love seeing your work in the different stages. I don't paint but I love to see the processes you go through. Keep up the good work!

lilasvb said...

i started to blog when you did invite me to visit yours. i see it, for myself as " online dairy"
and i enjoy it this way
no matter if there is professionnal online for me because i am not a pro for art, lonly for dance
and i always enjoy to visit your blog

Hybrid J said...

I always believe that your blog is YOUR blog. It's up to you to do whatever and whenever you want. And yes, the base is about "sharing".

I'm enjoying the WIP of your paintings, art journals and snippets of your life. It helps me to understand an artist life as I'm learning to be one as well. ;)

Thank you for sharing.

susan christensen said...

Zom, I love seeing the process and progress of your work and life, and agree with the above comments. Being an artist in a very isolated place, my blog has given me a way to connect my art with the great world off island, and that very much includes visiting (and being visited by) you. In art we trust!

~Barb~ said...

I say that you should keep doing what you're doing. Share your life, your art and your progress, be damned what anyone thinks. It is only when we are being true to ourselves that we ring sincere in what we share on our blogs. I am fighting this same battle but I have come to the conclusion that, as much as I might want readership, I have got to do what feels right to me. So tell me, what feels right to you, Zom?
Peace & Love,

La Dolce Vita said...

in the same position, plus work in Dec is crazy... I rarely get out to see everyone as it is! but love coming here when i get the chance!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Dear Zom...please feel free to make your sacred marks in your paintings for yourself...then if we are lucky a gallery might find them interesting...but you count for yourself first. I love being able to check in with you but the blog is for you. I guess I never thought of planning a blog for the next month or time period...I try to recollect my experiences and share them as part of my process in making my artist life. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

gypsy said...

Zom, I'm not so good about commenting, but I do so enjoy seeing your works take form, evolve. I'm one of the odd ones that likes to see chaos, messes, work in process. It starts to make a little sense to me. Please do share your process, if it doesn't hinder your work. Love it.