Sunday, 19 December 2010

Another Dye Job

Gee, stuff has been happening, but no pictures to show you so I haven't posted.

I had a model over to my studio last week to take exploratory photos for my new series. She is a student in my Art Journaling class. It was great. She was open and unselfconscious - unusual for someone who doesn't usually model. We got some exciting photos. By exciting I mean that they excite my inspiration. I am not much of a photographer so they aren't necessarily exciting to look at. Some actually look kinda silly. But I look at them and see the painting I will create.

I did some more dying over the weekend. I dyed a skirt I bought at the markets a few years ago when I was really into fushia pink. I think I said before, I have a lot of fushia pink clothes from that time and I am really over it. The other thing about this skirt is that it was too long. It hit halfway between my knees and ankles, a dowdy length on me. So before I dyed it, I shortened it to just covering my knees.

It surprises me, how much the length of dresses and skirts matter. A few inches can make a huge difference in how they look. I also lengthened a denim jumper by 2". I feel like I can wear it unselfconsciously now.

Here is the skirt before dyeing:
Here it is now:
It is a time of inspiration for me. I am thinking how to refashion clothes, and planning for new paintings. I haven't really figured out how to share that with you guys. Any ideas?


lilasvb said...

i am also dying some bed sheets in a deep red! the skirt looks great

Ricë said...

very, very flattering length! and excellent dye job, as well~~

my word is "press," but they're lying. nothing needs pressing except linen handkerchiefs, and who has those any more?

Carolyn^ said...

Nice result! I may learn to dye for those clothes that aren't quite right... Thank you for the inspiration!

La Dolce Vita said...

I think you are doing a magnificent job of sharing as always and that skirt is wonderful! Have a joyous holiday dear Zom! xox