Friday, 31 December 2010

A Post for Rice

I have been so excited by Rice's blog and her inspiring way of altering clothes. She has an artist's creative and zany sensibility that makes me feel free and happy. I wrote her an email yesterday begging her for more posts on refashioning. She kindly obliged.

Unfortunately I am nowhere near her level of clothing alteration creativity. She has been doing this for yonks. But in the spirit of reciprocity I am going to post my humble beginnings that are still in process. Who knows, maybe she will help me with some ideas (hint hint.)
I like the shape and fit of this black t. But I never wear it because I don't like wearing black on top. I thought I could brighten it up with some beading.
I like it better, but it is rather tame.
Here is a shirt I have had for a few years. I only wear it around the house because of the dowdy shape. I love the colour and the fabric, a lightweight tightly woven cotton.
Here is a top a friend gave me. It has beautiful delicate embroidery and I like that it is blue. I am really feeling like wearing blue. But it is a large and I am a small, and again it is shapeless. (Rice notice my unselfconsciousness about the poor photo, haha).
I am not certain what I will do with these, so I took off the sleeves. I am considering shaping both shirts by taking in the side seams. Then I might put the sleeves back on, a bit shorter than before. Unless I come up with a better idea.
This shirt will stay sleeveless. I am not sure what to do with the length, it either needs to be shorter or much longer. Maybe I will add the sleeves onto something else.


~Barb~ said...

YAY! More refashioning! Between you and Rice, I am bound to be refashioning up a storm with all this inspiration. (I love the blue/turquoisish blouse and can't wait to see which direction you take with it.)
Peace & Love,

Ricë said...

oboy, oboy--what fun! OK--The EGE and i immediately said, re: the black t: those seams down the front need beading or stitching (i'd do it with embroidery floss to match the beading, i think, and use my walking stitch (running stitch but less even and much slower), ending in long tails. he says he would braid it (well, he wouldn't braid it, as he doesn't do that stuff--he just makes suggestions for me to do); i think i would leave the tails loose and tie on beads that would dangle.

that's one idea. or you could sew ribbons to those seams. i love the seams--there are so many options for embellishing them.

yes--removing the sleeves is the first thing i'd do. you could make darts--i've made random darts on the outside of garments--various lengths. press them flat, add beading or stitching. that's if you want funky. if you want more normal, then i'd go with what you said and take in the side seams. shirts always have dorky sleeves--don't you find that?

on the blue shirt--could you somehow cut off the bottom and re-use it? i have no idea if it would work, but what about cutting off the bottom and using the sleeves to make it longer in back, like long tuxedo tails, and shorter in front? adding back on the beaded part at the bottom, of course--and then beading it all even more. i have no idea if that would work or how much trouble it would be, but it sounds fabulous--at least in my head it does.

Zom said...

Rice you are good, really good.
I am going to play around with them now.

Connie said...

My first reaction Zom was to put the blue sleeves on the purple shirt. I think that would be funktabulous....and I would so wear it...if I was a small!

BIG Hugs!

HA!!!! My word verification is ALTER

Zom said...

I like the idea of switching sleeves. Maybe with something else...

lynne h said...

i love the lavender shirt sleeveless and with the collar up like that! gosh, if there were some way to sort of leave the collar like that without having it choke you...

you're inspiring me zom...