Monday, 6 December 2010

Refashioning my Clothes

I really like the idea of refashioning clothes. Unlike a lot of people I don't have loads of clothes - probably because I don't enjoy shopping. But I do have a fair amount of old clothes.

I love the idea of recycling clothes instead of buying new stuff. It could be recycling my old stuff or clothes that I find at a thrift store. It all leads to less stuff in the world.

But I especially like the idea of refashioning clothes because it is another way to be creative.
The top shirt is one I found in a thrift store. It fits really well but I think the black and white check is pretty boring. I love colour.
The shirt below it is an oldie of mine. I like the fit but I wore too much pink a few years back and am mostly over it. I folded and stitched the shirt as an experiment.
I plan to dye both shirts with some old purple dye I have had for about 8 years.
This is a t-shirt I am experimenting with. I bought it in the menswear department for $10. I liked the design on the front, but that boxy t-shirt shape is horrible.
First I sewed up the sides for a better fit, then I cut off the sleeves and the neckline. When I took the photo, I had just sprayed it with some fabric dye over a stencil. Here is a post where I talk about the dye that I used.

I don't think this t-shirt will ever be a favourite, but I am enjoying trying stuff out.
This is after the dye bath. The stitched shirt didn't really happen. The stitching on the front doesn't show and on the back it looks more like a botched dye job. Which I suppose it is, haha.

It doesn't really worry me. I think the stitching could work if I used thicker thread. I might try it again on a different piece of clothing.
Finally, the checked shirt. I love it! you can't see the checks in this photo, but they are still there. Now it is a black and purple checked shirt. I am sure I will wear this a lot.


lilasvb said...

i tye and dye a lot and also, we organized with friends " an exchange" no money only " trock"

Serena said...

I used to love tie-dyeing my t-shirts when I was younger. Great job, Nom! I have a few clothes in my wardrobe that could do with some re-purposing....wonderful idea!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You go are so young and thin and this color looks smashing on you. I love altering my old stuff and things I pick up at our Goodwill store. Have a blast! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anonymous said...

That must have been fun! Enjoy your "artwork".

nollyposh said...


Ricë said...

love it!