Friday, 31 December 2010

a Suggestion for the End of the Year

I have a suggestion for the end of the year. Even if you don't read this until 2011, you can still do it.

New Year resolutions can be good, but even better is to give yourself credit for what you have already accomplished. My suggestion is to write a list of what you accomplished over 2010.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself some credit. It can be achievements at work, your personal life, spiritual life, all areas. And nothing is too small. Has some relationship in your life improved? Have you become more creative? Have you created pages in your art journal? Are you less afraid in some area? Have you gone forward with a health challenge? Achieved more self acceptance? Recovered from a heartbreak? Exercised regularly, or just more? Been helpful to someone? List it all, however small.

The truth is, we don't actually know what is little or big --
so I suggest you write it ALL down.

Give yourself some credit for what you have done this past year.

By the way, I wrote my list this morning in bed. It feels good.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I gave up smoking after 20 years- that would be #1.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am sending you snowflake kisses and warm woolen mitten hugs for the New Year in 2011! This is a wonderful idea...I think we should all practice gratitude each day. I wish you Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

lilasvb said...

so good! i started meditation in 2010! enjoy new year

Rona Gregory said...

What a fantastic idea! Only today I wrote my newspaper column which touched on the very idea that we spend a lot of time and energy making New Year Resolutions, planning to do this and that, giving stuff up, making lists etc. This all takes time, time which could be spent living in the moment, doing something now. I love this idea of reflecting upon what we have achieved instead. It makes you feel much better than berating yourself for what you didn't do.

Have a wonderful New Year.

~Barb~ said...

What a wonderful idea, Zom. I like the idea of patting myself on the back much better than stressing myself with more 'resolutions' are a genius!
Peace, Love & Happy New Year!

stargardener said...

I am working on a collage of my 2010 moments, lessons and favorite memories ... I appreciate reading this affirmation. Here is to celebrating how the steps of yesterday delivered us to the doorway of tomorrows! \o/

iHanna said...

Celebrating and list writing = two of my favorite activities! My list is here: My Creative Achivements List

Happy New Creative Year!