Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bear Art Journal Page and the Refashioned Purple Shirt

I thought maybe I could entice you guys in with an art journal page. These two pages are facing each other (the bear looking at the young woman and vice-a-versa) but unfortunately I don't know how to do that on my blog, so please use your imagination.

These pages are quite fun because they got fairly storybook. The story is written in the trees and the bush behind the bear. I wrote it spontaneously as a response to the picture, which was really fun.
The written stuff on this page is my usual journaling blah blah.

This page is where I originally drew this woman, then I photocopied her and put her on another page later in the book.

I must have photocopied her when she was still a black and white drawing since I painted the second one in different colours. If you photocopy stuff you can paint over it. If you print it on your inkjet computer, it blurs when it gets wet.
It is also amusing to make the photocopies bigger or smaller.

Aha, fooled you. More refashioning. Here is the rather daggie shirt before I do anything to it. I like the fabric, a lightweight tight weave cotton - and the colour. I wrote about it here.
I cut off the sleeves and sewed up the sides for a more fitted, less boxy look. I like it but...
Yikes! There is this poochy out bit in the back! It is because of the pleats under the yoke. I have a friend with a similar figure so I put it on her and got out some pins. That took several weeks to get around to.
Before I show you what I did in the back I gotta show you the front again.
Okay, here is the back. Pretty cool eh? I was quite pleased with my solution.
You might be able to see the pleats a little better in this photo. The colour is more like the previous picture.

The shirt is still kind of plain. But it is an old shirt and I might just leave it as is for wearing about the house. It is more of an experiment as I am new to this refashioning stuff.


PaperPumpkin said...

Hi! I absolutely LOVE your Bear Art Journal Page! I am smiling BIG time! Happy weekend! ~Kath

nanakin1 said...

The bear page is so interesting with the combination of picture and painting, but my fav part is the story written in the trees. :)

susan christensen said...

The shirt is vastly improved. The back darts are great.

Zom said...

Thanks Kath, glad you like him.

Nanakin, I didn't think anyone would bother to read it,lol.

Thanks Susan. Maybe I will do it again on a more exciting shirt.

Tammie said...

fun to see your lovely refashioned shirt, so flattering.

your journal pages are wonderful too. if you change your blog template to one where you can have larger photos - you are allowed to have photos side by side... might make you happy.

gayle said...

Love the lady and her wonderful gown :) great idea to photocopy and use again! Think the shirt looks great, I could never manage something like that so I admire those who can :)

Zom said...

Thanks Tammie, I didn't realize larger photos was an option. I will look into that.

Hi Gayle, I wouldn't mind owning a gown like hers but I don't have that skill, lol.

nollyposh said...

i am ~LOVING~ all this creativity <3
You are inspiring me too ~Thankyou~

(Ps)The photo uploading thingy...
Where it says: Choose layout You can choose None, Left, Center or Right... i always choose "None" then the pics will go side by side if you want them too (Just click & drag to place) X:-)

(((Hugs))) x

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

The bear is so interesting to me...I am really enjoying my journal but I left it in my studio before the snowstorm trapped us in our homes! I am going to study these pages once more! i love the purple shirt! Peace , mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Ricë said...

i love everything in this post--the journal pages, the shirt, the DARTS! great solution, and after you wear it a while, you may decide you want embellishment. it's addicting--shhhhhhhh~~

Anonymous said...

The shirt looks great! Looks much better fitted.
Love seeing your journal pages too.

nollyposh said...

(Ps) Ohmigoodness Zom, If i went through all the amazing, beautiful, insightful comments i have had from you over the time of our friendship there would be an amazing book there <3 Sighhhhh ~Thankyou~ for visiting my bloggy today xox