Monday, 10 January 2011

More Refashioning

Okay I promise that my next post will be about painting or drawing or something in my studio. I know many of you signed up for my art journaling or visual art posts. And here I am detouring onto refashioning-- and I am not even very good at it.
But that is the way of creativity. Sometimes we need to try a new medium or a new way of doing things - and you gotta follow these inclinations. They often renew enthusiasm, and besides, you never know where stuff is gonna lead. You gotta trust this stuff.

Anyway, look at the pink jean jacket above. This is quite funny. Now look at the post before this one. Below I have this huge jean jacket and am wondering what to do with it. Rice from Notes from Voodoo Cafe suggests cutting it off at the sleeves and the bottom - which I am seriously considering. I have already cut off the sleeves.

Then I remember that I have a jean jacket, also from the 80's, that I already cut the sleeves off of. Look, it is Calvin Klein - those were the days of the designer everything. And notice more embroidery! I love this pink sleeveless vest. I wore it today over a dress.

Nothing more to say, I just thought it was interesting that I had forgotten it. I don't have a lot of clothes. Unfortunately the blue denim oversized jacket is much bigger than the pink one and I will have to take it in or something to make it work as well.
Here was a quick refashion I did yesterday. One fushia t-shirt looking very stodgie. I left my head on this photo so you can see my disgusted look. I never feel like wearing this t-shirt, it makes me feel like not-me.
This is what I did. Fringe. Easy-peasy. I just took to it with the scissors. Haha! Then I knotted each fringe at the bottom so they would separate more. Does it look better? I think it looks funkier, which is what feels good to me. I am still not completely thrilled with it (I don't like the shape of the neckline), but I think I will wear it now.
And finally the black t-shirt that I started about a week ago. Here it is while I was still working on it. I have worn it twice since I finished the beading. It feels good.


Poetic Artist said...

I love the photo of you in the black with the beads..I like the pinks new look. I think my self I have a couple of jean jackets. I can not let them go..I am a simple type of girl no frill just down to earth and funky. :)

La Dolce Vita said...

love both the fushia t and the black t awesome job! go you!!!

PaperPumpkin said...

Great job!!! And that black one is definitely you!

susan christensen said...

I like your refashioning posts, Zom - my wardrobe is in considerable need of an overhaul, and you are inspiring me to take up my scissors!

Carolyn said...

I like your transforming touch! Gets me thinking of possibilities.... Thanks!

lynne h said...

zom, i love these photos of you... i'm sitting here with a big grin on my face... : )


eva said...

Love how you look in the beaded shirt, and also these re-fashioning posts in general, I find them very inspiring. Been thinking of what you said about doing a post about my own re-fashioning bits, I don't feel too inspired at the moment and also haven't got much to show, but am mulling it over as I think people need to see and be inspired by stuff like this as an antidote to excess consumerism. Go you! Post more stuff like this! I always prefer blogs that doesn't pretend that art exist in some precious vacuum..

nollyposh said...

i am LOVING all this creativity... You are getting me going too (and goodness knows i need some help with my wardrobe at the mo to cope with my changed figure...sighhhh) i love seeing your clever creative~ness in all it's different expressions X:-)