Saturday, 26 February 2011

Refashioning Projects

I need to get a few refashioning projects going.

In my studio I always have 6 to 9 paintings and drawings going at any one time. This is great because it means whatever my mood I can jump in. When I am filled with inspiration and beginning energy I can start one of the paintings waiting in my sketchbook. Or draw more compositional ideas. Other times I might feel like doing something already plotted out, something kind of mindless like details on a dress or in the hair. Other days I am up for a challenge, ready to tackle that problem that has me completely stuck.

But now when I am out of the studio and itching to sew, I am at a loss. I finished my dress but nothing else is ready to go. I am not feeling inspired and full of energy, I would like to do some gentle stitching. But nothing is prepared or even planned.
I do have this rather nice white top that I bought at a thrift store. I am not much into white, but I like the woven yoke and it has cute little covered buttons on the back and the sleeves. I have been trying to get a stain out of the front, no luck.

I have bought some Dylon Ocean Blue dye and plan to dye it. That might be enough. We will see if it covers the stain.
Here is a thrift store shirt. It is a men's pajama top, loads big for me. I bought it for the fabric. I am thinking of using it for a yoke for a tunic. I am imagining cutting off the sleeves, saving the collar and the buttons, sewing up the sides smaller and then sewing another fabric on as a kind of gathered bottom. A little on the style of the dress that sucks, (sounds like it is doomed from the start, doesn't it?)
And finally, perhaps my most interesting thrift store find. Is it a dress or a coat? It is of medium weight cotton, fitted with darts and no lining, it seems more like a dress. But as you can see, the buttons stop about crotch length.
And the back would be indecent as well. The size is a little smaller than I would like. The sleeves are a bit tight around the elbows (those must be dress not coat sleeves) so I might cut them short. The bust fits fine. I am thinking to put a triangle of interesting cloth in the back. I don't have it yet. Maybe a pattern of some kind.

Now what about something with some embroidery stitching? Or beading? I would like to do some handwork.
Please feel free to jump in if you have any ideas for my projects.


lilasvb said...

i have no idears but i love to see your creativity

gayle said...

I had a go at my first crazy patchwork square this week, that might be something that would suit that feeling of wanting to do a bit of recreational sewing! It can be as random as you like and you just keep adding bits on as the fancy takes you :) the square I've made may not be perfect but it's certainly fun to do! Strikes me as an experimental page in an art journal or something, trying out bits and adding more for fun to see how it looks!

Ricë said...

I think the dress/coat would make a cool long vest--remove the sleeves and wear it over jeans, maybe with a tank underneath or a long-sleeved t in cooler weather. is it heavy enough for embroidery? beading? you could make a talisman vest, which is something I'm going to start working on with a long denim dress-that's-going-to-be-a-vest. lots of embellishment--it will probably take months, but that's OK--i like a long project I can sink into. the key, i've found, is to make sure you like the way it fits and moves BEFORE spending months working on it. guess how i know this is important.

gayle said...

Will blog the patchwork square (such as it is!) very soon ;)

Zom said...

Rice that is an interesting idea. I don't think it will work with this one as the bottom is a little small and the slit in back remains open, showing what I am wearing. That is why I will probably put in a triangle of cloth.
I hope you will blog your talisman vest in progress. It sounds very exciting.

Gayle, I hope you will give me a heads up when you post your patchwork square.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am in agreement that you need to add some personal textures with your individual stitches...a long vest would be glorious to wear over leggings and even jeans. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Emma said...

Love it, and some nice ideas. I would wear it over trousers or leggings. I'd be inclined to leave the slits and put a layer underneath in an organza or cotton that either contrasts or matches the shirt (can't decide at this point!). The under layer could have slits too or be joined as a skirt for modesty if worn alone.

Good luck with dyeing the white top. I have a pair of grey trousers that met some bleach that need dyeing but I'm not sure if they bleached spots will take.

Anonymous said...

Yep! I did a similar project recently where I cut the collar and arms off one shirt and attached it to the bottom of another shirt. Cut the sleeves off the top one (taking the cut all the way to the collar) Voila! Womens dress from two mens shirts. I shall send you pics.

Sympathy for The Devil said...

happy creating!! :)))

Sympathy for The Devil said...

my Love comes and sometimes goes, but my Love is my ability to create.
what kind of love affair im having?

Sympathy for The Devil said...

hmmm... i dont not sure... :))