Friday, 11 February 2011

This Dress Sucks

I can't believe how this dress I am sewing is turning out. I wanted to make a dresslet and bought this pattern. This is exactly why I haven't sewn in years. I pick out the material, the pattern, spend hours sewing it together and it turns out disgusting.

The first thing I thought when I tried it on was 'clown dress'. The blue looks stupid with the tulips. And the weird V neck seems to accentuate it. The whole shape is really bad. This is worse than looking pregnant.
I have made a f**king mumu.
And I have bought more fabric for another dresslet from this pattern! I don't think so.

The only thing I like is that I put in side pockets. I added inseam pockets (because of course this stupid pattern didn't have them. ~not really fair, as it did have quite nice patch pockets.)
See? Aren't I clever? I even had to make the pattern for them.

I shouldn't have made them white though. That was a mistake. Still, I Love the pockets. (Here is a tutorial from the Owls are not what They Seem on how to put inseam pockets into skirts and dresses.)

But hopefully there is a happy ending, or new beginning, to this tale. Because of art journaling, because of all the interest I have been taking in refashioning, almost immediately my mind went to 'what can I do with this?' Fortunately, the skirt is only basted to the yoke. I can take it apart and refashion it.

One idea I have has to do with the above recent thrift buy. (Just ignore the model, she thought she was striking some pose, boy has she got a lot to learn!) Too short, even for over pants. But what about if I cut off the skirt and put the tulip skirt on? Here I drew a picture to help us imagine.
I think it is worth a try, don't you?

But is there anything we can do with the turquoise yoke? It is lined and everything (meaning it was a hassle and I want to use it). If I use more drapey fabric for the bottom and made it into a shorter top, do you think it could work?


Zom said...

I wonder if it would help if I did pleats rather than gathers off the blue yoke.

I am getting out the seam ripper.

Sil said...

You are simply awesome!
Good luck with your dress! I hope it works :)

susan christensen said...

Zom, All I can say is I have been there a time or two myself, pouring hours and other resources into a sewing a garment that seemed like it should have been fab only to have it suck! I think your jump to refashioning the parts is brave and clever. Hope to see what you come up with! I am off to the studio. Best wishes, sus

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi there!

Don´t be too hard on yourself!
I´m certainly not an expert on things like these....
but if you wear it with baggy jeans and converse.... that might bring some balance between sweet and naughty!?
Anyway you look great!
Have a nice day

~Barb~ said...

Zom, I spent days on a purse I so wanted to turn out right...and it sucked. It was just horrible. So I do know how you feel after putting all your time into the dress but what if you use your thrift dress as a pattern over the already sewn "mumu" to refashion it? I do like the blue with the tulips...and I like the thrift dress, too, with tights. Too cute. That what you'd have two instead of one.
Just my thoughts.
Peace & Love,

ines said...

hey Zom

I think the problem with your dress could be that it's too baloony, it has too much volume and sticking it on the other top won't solve that. If you have a top finishing so high everything going wide below will look like a baloon, nice on a toddler maybe... But a woman with a figure like yours doesn't need that! I would suggest you keep the lovely green top (with lining! Cool!) and reduce the amount of fabric you have in the dress to something more flattering your beautiful figure. I'm sorry, I hope you're not offended by my opinion/observation.


Julianna Koh said...

Hmm... it certainly would make a good house dress in a hot Summer day :) I'd wear it!

nollyposh said...

Hee! Hee! The Mumu would be fab for me at the mo... i like the sketch, give it a go X:-)

Zom said...

I really appreciate all of your responses.

Sil, thanks! I appreciate the good wishes.

Susan, thanks for the empathy.

Rebecka I have already ripped it apart! I love converses though!

Barb, thanks for sharing your story. I don't think I have the patience with this dress for your idea, though it is a good one.

Ines, it would be hard for me to feel offended when you refer to my figure so favorably! teehee. You have a good point about the fabric.

Julianna and Vicki, encouraging to know someone would wear it!

Walk in the Woods said...

You are so funny! I must visit you (via your blog) more often. :) And yes … it's worth a try! :D

As for the yoke … perhaps toning it down by embellishing it with trim, or patches, embroidery or applique, or something - in colors that would complement the skirt portion?

Zom said...

Rose, I have already sewn the skirt onto the black yoke, but I might use your idea with the removed blue yoke.

Walk in the Woods said...

Whatever you do ~ have *fun!*

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am with you...the first dress is well not good unless you are pregnant and you have a rocking body so do not hide in this particular loose style. You should just have fun and do what you dream! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart