Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Caught in Inspiration

I bought this bag at the thrift store for two dollars. It would be much improved by new lining, instead of its original horrible polyester black lining, but I can't be bothered as it has a zip coin pocket and other fiddly bits.

I am thinking of putting this beading on it. What do you think? I originally made the beading as a bracelet but the picture works better flat. I like it but it seems rather plain. What can I add that won't overwhelm the picture?

Do you ever get so caught up in inspiration, caught up in the high of possibilities that you don't actually do anything? Just jump from one idea to another, maybe noting them in your art journal but not actually physically starting a project? I find the internet especially dangerous for this. It is a commitment problem really, thinking that I will find some idea even more interesting around the corner. It is fun but not satisfying.

I just realized that my last refashion post was also ideas and possibilities and I wondered if I was caught in the inspiration merry-go-round.
Do you ever try on clothes in a shop and take a photo for inspiration? There is something very fresh happening in clothing, I think it is related to refashioning. The designers are getting ideas from the refashionistas. They are cutting away parts and adding bits that normally wouldn't go together.

This trench coat has an interesting cut. A little too cool for me - a hole in the back? but I like the idea of sleeveless.
I did do something with my stock of thrift clothes. At least I did some cutting.
This is a boring man's short sleeve shirt, way too big. I bought it for the cloth, I like the colours. For years I have been wearing pink and purple, suddenly I need to wear blue.
I cut off the sleeves and collar. Next I plan to sew up the sides and cut a shape for the neckline. I have more in mind, but you will have to wait, teehee.
These two are going into a dye bath. I have been buying my dye by the packet, quite expensive and I can only dye a little at a time. I have a cobalt blue for these; it will be interesting to see what colour the one on the left comes out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zom! The beaded design would look great on the higher part of the back of a chambray shirt, too.

When I get flooded with ideas, I write them down in a 3-ring binder notebook to refer to again later. I like it better to have lots of ideas rather than be in a creativity block. What I want to accomplish doesn't have to be done all at once.

Hope this feed-back is helful. - Julie

Zom said...

Hi Julie,

It would look better on a chambray shirt, but I am not sure it would stay together through the wash.

I like your take on ideas, that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad you like the suggestions. The three-ring binder allows me to separate categories. (Ex: Art Journaling, Clothing Restructing, Painting, etc. It makes locating the notes much easier).

There us a book that helped with the same issues you have. Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher. Visiting other art blogs helps me to stay inspired and often provides creative solutions to solving art related problems. Left brain at work, maybe? ;)

Keep being inundated with all those fabulous ideas! - Julie

Anonymous said...

LOL...please excuse the typos. Left brain isn't working today. - Julie

Rona Gregory said...

Oh Zom...so glad I am not alone in the inspiration trap! I only commented the other day that if I were to spend more time doing instead of thinking/planning it would be so much better. And yes the internet is a big influence. i usually start by googling one thing, looking for a tutorial or something and then I find another thing so I click on that, and then another and so on!

I don't think you want to add anything else to the body of the bag, but if you had some beads left maybe a little beaded tassle on one of the handles???

Zom said...

Wow Julie we share a lot of interests. Do you have a blog?

Rona, I have actually started using a timer to get me off the internet for the same problem!
I never would have thought of a beaded tassle, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love the beaded tassle idea for the purse, too.

I can understand how the beading on a chambray shirt would not make it through washings. Good point.

Nope, no blog. Never say never, though ... lol. - Julie

Ricë said...

I would pick out embroidery floss and small beads in the colors of the beaded piece, which is lovely, and then I'd add those in somehow that wouldn't overwhelm it. OR--I'd first apply the beaded piece to a complementary piece of heavy fabric as a background and then sew that onto the purse and pull in the color of that. If you sew it on as it is, it won't be plain as much as, um, "refined." That might be a good look, but I'd want at least some stitching and beading to pull it together. For me? I'd have to add some appliqued fabric.

Ricë said...

I'd suggest a sea-green background (there's a little of that in the beading) and then some sea-green and dark red spirals, larger, in beads or floss. And I think I'd have to use the Dremel as a router and make tiny holes in the handle to inset some of the beads, too. Sorry--but you know it would be way, way cool.

Want me to cause more problems?

lynne h said...

seriously zom, i get so much joy from seeing you in the pics you take of yourself... : )

no, i NEVER take a pic of myself trying on clothes! ugh! i always feel like i look awful in those big mirrors...

i agree about the internet being good for getting caught up in the inspiration thing, but not doing anything with it... yeah, not satisfying at all...


Zom said...

On Rice, you are so fabulous. Sewing the beading onto fabric never would have crossed my mind in a million years, it is a great idea! And the Dremel idea is exciting, but guess what - no Dremel! You have gotten me more excited about the purse. It was looking a little too 'refined' for me.

Lynne, I am pretty self conscious taking photos of myself but I figure this is a good way to get over it. And I don't know how else to show you the clothes.