Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another Good Thing about Art Journaling

Part of what I love about Art Journaling is that you can try out stuff, even get it out of your system if necessary, haha.

When I did this page, I was fascinated by the whole drawing/painting/photographing dolls thing. I don't know why, well maybe I do. Dolls were a big part of my make believe play as a kid, they were magic stuff. They felt like real little people and we would go on adventures. So I guess it was about feeling some of the excitement I felt then.

Anyway, I felt this fascination but another part of me was groaning, "Oh Zom, you're not going to start painting dolls are you?" There are quite a few people painting dolls, and while that wouldn't stop me if I really needed to paint dolls, I wasn't comfortable with it.

So, ta dah, in comes the art journal. I can draw dolls to my heart's content and no one will see or know. (I know, I know, you are seeing and you know but that is different.)

Now it isn't that I will only allow myself to make them in my art journal, that could easily be just the beginning. It is more of a see-where-this-goes thing. I know better than to ignore or reject my muse, but that doesn't mean every inspiration gets its own painting series right away. It has to prove itself, show a little staying power.
I drew a few dolls. I photocopied my drawings and collaged them onto other pages and changed them around with paint and pens. I, well, played with my dolls in my art journal.

Then, much to my relief, I just naturally kind of lost interest and went onto other things.
Maybe I just had a bit more doll play to get out.


Lotus said...

Awesome post. You know, I keep forgetting to scan and print my drawings/doodles, so I can "play"more with them!
And there's nothing wrong with playing with dolls! ; )

PaperPumpkin said...

I really love this post. I love your openness and honesty, and that you play...with dolls. I like the way you think! Thanks for sharing...kathy

Zom said...

If you want to paint onto your drawings, photocopy them rather than print them out on the computer. That is because the ink in the photocopier is waterproof so you can paint over it.
Also it is really fun to make them larger and/or smaller. This girl is a lot bigger than I originally drew her, which is why her legs are off the page. Then I collaged the bandana and added designs and new colours onto her clothing.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Every night there is a pull to do something like one did as a child...these dolls are just the thing to play with. Maybe not for long but still a blast from the past. Have a wonderful week and Peace be with you in your lovely rainforest of dreams. Peace, Mary Helen

Anonymous said...

Zom, this page is so delicious. I love the layers of colour and texts, and the doll is so cute .. can I have her? :-) Funny that I was just out yesterday having tea/coffee with my friends and my fat sketch book. I was telling my friends that that's the great part about journaling. Thanks for sharing.

Ophelia said...

Great page! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing.

nollyposh said...

Lol! My Barbie and i went on many an adventure together... Swimming in the backyard pool (The sea) and walking through the forest (The grass before it was mowed) i still have her AND Ken X:-)

violette said...

wonderful list - thank you for the reminder!

Love your doll too! :)