Sunday, 17 April 2011

Inspiration for Refashion Projects

I had to start out with this photo just because it was so funny. I went shopping yesterday with a friend and we were having some fun in David Jones. You know, trying on the stuff you would never wear. I mean, you just don't know do you? There might be an alternate personality in there just waiting to be expressed.

Aren't these little hats hilarious? I get really tempted to wear stuff like this just because I think it is funny. Sometimes no one else gets the joke and then I feel self-conscious. But I am sure you guys will get it.
These bags are made from flannel. Cuddle your bag. I liked them but $300??? That is why they have locks on them. They looked like pretty simple construction.
Hey, here I am looking all glam. Two women walked by and told me how great I looked. I teased them about working for the store.
I don't feel very comfortable in ruffles, but I thought it kind of suited me.
Here is an interesting idea for a refashion. It looks quite simple. I am going to put it in my notebook as a starting point. I know it looks a bit like a rug - hey maybe I can find a thrifted rug to make one!
So now we are back at my place. This is my refashion table with my current projects. The dyed shirt up in the left, a thrifted shirt that I cut off the sleeves and collar. The denim purse up in the right corner. And my Laura Ashley dress.
I forgot to take a photo before, so I am holding up the sleeve so you can see. aeiii! Laura Ashley dress all the way. I guess it is actually an 80's Laura Ashley dress, the ones they sell now are quite different. The ones I remember have poofy sleeves and lace collars.
Here I have cut off the lacy collar and the sleeves. I am thinking jumper - pinafore to my fellow Australians. I will cut the neckline lower.
And here is my project with the thrifted man's shirt. I have cut in the armholes, lowered the neckline and turned it around so the buttons will go up the back. I want to make it into a kind of overtunic.
Here is the initial inspiration (another dressing room shot). I have two choices of fabric for the gathered part.
Which one do you think I should use? The diamond shapes on the left or the flower pattern from an old dress?


Ricë said...

I LOVE that whaterver-it-is in the dressing room--it's fabulous (except the lack of color) and suits you and looks great with that t-shirt. Can't wait to see what you come up with--and if it turns into a pattern, I WANT one!

lilasvb said...

you look great, hope to see you in june!

nollyposh said...

i like the flower print <3 You are so clever... Once an artist always an artist X:-) i love that top (the dressing room shot) x

nollyposh said...

And (Ps) my sis & cous regularly change their FB pics that are them (When on their latest outing/holiday) in their latest shop hat trying-on session... Always good for a laugh! X:-)

Parabolic Muse said...

I don't know much about fabric work and sewing, but I love that jumper!

susan christensen said...

Zom, I so enjoyed the vicarious pleasure of visiting the big fancy department store with you! Trying on fancy hats is something I always do with my friends when I am lucky enough to be in the City. Your re-fashion projects continue to expand my own fashion horizons.

Zom said...

Rice, unfortunately no pattern! I am just cutting away, trying it on then cutting a bit more. If I continue with refashioning, I will have to get a mannequin.

Hi Valery! I would love to see you. Come to class, it is still Wednesdays.

Hi Muse. The thing I am concerned about with the jumper is that it has to be out of such thin cloth or it won't fall right. I don't know a lot about sewing either. Just the basics.

Hi Susan, with your beautiful textile art I am amazed to think that I can inspire You. The dresslet you made is fantabulous.

Johoanna Robson said...

Zom, you are so clever. I really like that little tunic you made from the man's shirt. I need some like that. I love my jeans and t-shirts, but it would be nice to have some nice arty tops to wear that I've made myself. Blessings.

Zom said...

Johoanna, I love being called clever :) but I don't really deserve it yet. The tunic is very much in process. The tunic you see is actually storemade and I put the photo in so you could see where I am hoping to go!

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

I love the jumper! Sometimes the old LA dresses can look kinda frumpy. You have made this one look wonderful.

Oh, and I just *love* that hat! I bet it would make you smile every time you put it on. LOL