Thursday, 7 April 2011

An Underpainting, Beginning a Painting

I have begun another painting. This photo is where is where I have left her in the studio. It is really just an underpainting, most of it will be painted over with several layers.

Below is how I got to this point.
I am experimenting with doing my underpainting in acrylics. I am hoping this will get the whole process going much more quickly. Here I have drawn out the painting, just enough to indicate placement, and put down the first coat of ochre yellow.
Some printing with leaves. The top leaves are printed with gesso. Some more colour into the background.
Drawing in the figure a bit, to see how she looks against the background.
Seeing that, I decide to make the background darker. I am not worried about how she looks at this point. I know the drawing is off, but there is plenty of time to correct it.
Bringing in some flesh tones so I can see how the warmth works with the background. Sorry about how the light is changing the colours, it makes it kind of confusing to see the changes.
Bringing in more darks into her so I can see how the tones are going to work. Tones are how dark or light colours are.
To really see what is happening tonally, I decided that I needed to put the vine in. That is because you really need the darkest and lightest parts of the painting to be able to gauge the tones.

It felt awkward working with acrylics. They feel different to oils, my usual medium. My drawing was awkward because of this. But like I said, it doesn't matter because I have plenty of time to correct it.

I am happy with how quickly I got to this point.


La Dolce Vita said...

well it looks great. no matter the awkwardness... great piece...

Anonymous said...

Looking good. Acrylics eh? Shame beginner artists are encouraged to use acrylics- for too tricky to manipulate although they are(as you know) good for under painting.
...remember to post the finished piece!

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

I admire those who can work in oils. I tried, but didn't have the patience for it. I prefer acrylics...still do. Maybe I just have a short attention span. LOL

Can't wait to see the finished piece, and hope you decide working in acrylics is fun, even if very different from oils. ;=}

Zom said...

I have completely changed the painting. I will show you in the next post. I am enjoying the speed of acrylics, though I would have a heck of a time knowing how to achieve the finish I want.

nollyposh said...

Sighhhhh i wish i was a painter...

Zom said...

Hi Vicki, I am glad you are feeling well enough to visit. xx