Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What a Difference Space can Make

Do you remember in my last post, where I said that I want to set up my desk so that I can use watercolours? Well, here is the before shot.

I am not a big slob, but I am not what you would call tidy or organised. Creative always seems to slide into disarray. I don't mind some chaos, but I do notice that the space I can actually work in tends to get smaller and smaller.
Here is the after! ta dah! I know it looks tidier and all that is very good but to be honest it won't stay like that for long. (the funny thing is that it still doesn't look all that, not like the pretty pictures in other art blogs with a rainbow of pens in spray painted jars and so on.) What does get me excited is that I brought up my watercolours from the studio and I can easily use them here, at my desk.

And that means - more drawing!
That is what I am excited about. How much difference it makes if I set things up so it is easy to be creative.
Since I bought this table and put the sewing machine under the window, it is much more conducive to me doing the refashioning. This kind of setting up is important. Not that you need to do it before you are creative - that can be another form of procrastination - but it is a form of honouring your creativity.


Ophelia said...

your space looks great! happy creating!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This space is what I aspire to...lovely....organized ... and ready to create. I am still thinking about your interview with Rice. I hope you had a blessed Easter. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Parabolic Muse said...

How utterly cool! to see your studio space. I know what you mean about not staying ordered for long. But that's what creativity is! It's life, and it can be messy. Which is also beautiful.

Mine is driving me nuts right now, though. I definitely affects the process when it's insane in there.


Zom said...

I am happy to say this is not my studio space. It is where I do most of my art journaling and all of my sewing. It is actually in my large bedroom.

I have another separate studio where I paint. I am sure I have put some at least partial photos of it on the blog. There is also a photo on my website.

Bren said...

I so agree with what you've said Zom, finding a way to give yourself room to create. To figure out what will work for you in a given space. I am so glad you did the podcast with Rice, it is one I've saved and listen to when I need a good dose of inspiration. Am enjoying getting to know you through your blog too.