Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Drawing for Fun

I want to draw more. I want to take my drawing less seriously. I want to play with drawing like I did as a child.

I hear people dismiss their ability to draw. "I can't draw a stick figure."
Sure you can. And why not? What is wrong with stick figures? They can be adorable.

They can be expressive.
Drawing is like singing or dancing. We can all do it. Maybe not 'well', but it can bring us joy whether we are sing like a bird or... or not so well.

I have the opposite problem. I learned to draw really well. I mean this is a good thing. I took many years to develop the skill and I am glad I did. I just wish I hadn't taken it all so seriously.

I wish I had been more playful in learning to draw. And I would like to become more playful with my drawing.

This sounds like it would be easy. But surprisingly, it isn't. Whether because of pride or ego, it is surprisingly difficult to get past the way I have conditioned myself to try for 'perfect' drawing.

I am not saying that my drawings are perfect, I am not saying that. I am saying that I am overly concerned with trying to get them perfect. And they suffer from it. Ironically I am a worse drawer (is that a word?) for it.

So, in the spirit of play I thought I would contribute to the flickr group "what I wore today". There are some very playful drawings there. In the spirit of getting away from my perfectionism, I am not using references and I am allowing my drawing to be 'wonky'. This is just for me, for fun.


Parabolic Muse said...

How interesting... Yes, drawing in a childlike way can become really expansive because we allow ourselves to play. I like what you've done here! nice.

Bren said...

Staying connect to our inner kid seems to be a vital ingredient to keeping our creative battery charged. I think that's why I likeMichele Cassou's books on art so much. Great post

lilasvb said...

lovely post

Zom said...

Muse, the poll on your blog is hilarious. Do americans really eat marshmallow fluff on their hamburgers?

Bren, I agree.

Hi Valerie, it was good to say 'hi' today. Sorry I was so busy. :)

iHanna said...

I think clothes are very difficult to draw, but it's a good way to practice to draw what you're wearing. I remember when I found that group and looked though some of the drawings - it's super fun and creative!

susan christensen said...

I'll look to the flikr group, Zom.

Sandie said...

I like your philosophy, I think drawing is a joyous thing when you just get lost in the process and don't worry to much about the finished product.

nollyposh said...

You LooK cute! X:-)