Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Working on Three Paintings

For the past few weeks I have been working on three paintings. I always work on several paintings at the same time. Because oil is relatively slow drying it is convenient to go from one to another. But I also find that working on one helps me to understand the others, and vice versa.

This is the larger one that I started and then changed the composition. Go here to learn more.
This is the step before the first photo when I was putting the oil paints on over the acrylic underpainting. It was so great to be back using the oils. I struggled with the acrylics as I do not normally use them. I realised that a lot of what I wasn't liking in the underpainting was because I was using acrylics. The oil colours were much richer and the painting immediately improved.
Above is the acrylic underpainting before I put on any oil paint.
Here is the second painting where we left her last time.
You can see that I am going in and making the colours bolder and the contrasts of dark and light stronger. I have also added another layer of cobalt blue to the background to take it back to gray.

Earlier stages of both this painting and the next are in this post.
Finally this one, which I have been working on the past few days. Again, making it richer and stronger. I change the colour in one place and it usually means that then I need to change it somewhere else. I am continually refining the drawing and making transitions more subtle.
All three paintings are still far from finished, but it gets harder to show you what I am actually doing. It is difficult to show the subtleties of oil paint in photographs.

You can see the images closer if you click on them.


Bren said...

Oils it is! I can certainly see the difference in made in the first painting you posted. Much more depth to it. Not working in realism it's fascinating to see how you develop these paintings and why you prefer oils to acrylics. Wonderful pieces coming to life

Gabriela said...

These are fantastic!!!!That is one thing I can't do...people's bodies and faces.....Are these live models or you work from pictures or just your mind? I guess I should go click on the link and find out more!