Monday, 13 June 2011

Habits, More Important that We Realise

In my experience, a lot of life comes down to habits. Habits around what we eat, how we work, how we spend our time, relationships, everything. That may sound humdrum but I find it a helpful way of seeing things.

I pay attention to my habits, and of course they are all around me. The diet that I eat, what time I go to bed, whether I exercise or not, how often and what times I work in the studio, etc. These kind of habits are profound in the effect they have on my life over time. A good thing is that once you have a habit it is pretty easy to keep going. So I try and form beneficial ones.

I also have less obvious habits. Ones that have to do with the way I think, my perceptions, how I approach things. This might have to do with how much time I spend with people, how I approach new situations, how I judge others and myself. These also have a profound impact on my life, but are often harder to pinpoint and even harder to change.

Because that is the thing about habits, they can work really well for you once they are in place but they can be difficult to change.

More tomorrow.


Eden said...

I like what you've said about habits and I agree 100%. I hope you post more :)

Kel said...

oh yes, some things are hard habits to break

susan christensen said...

I think developing good habits is very important to the quality of my life. Just as important as letting go of bad ones. Best way to do either is one day at a time!

lilasvb said...

having good habits is great but bad one are hard to stop

nollyposh said...

Tellmeaboutit! i have terrible negative thought 'habits'... i have tried ignoring them but they only get LOUDER! i have tried reasoning with them about new neuron thought pathways and how healthy they can be for our overal health... but nothing! i have even tried "talking" to them out loud (!!!) but that only promotes new negative thought habits! Sighhhh... so if you have any hints? (i have tried meditation)

Zom said...

Dear Vicki, here is what has helped me. I stopped believing the thoughts. Sounds easy, but is NOT! It takes awareness (to even notice the thoughts in the first place - where meditation can be helpful), courage- because I usually have beliefs that those negative thoughts are protecting me somehow, and persistance. Persistance, persistance. The good news is that with every little thought you don't believe, it gets easier not to believe the next one.
And it is SO GREAT, so FREEING not to believe them. They just become nagging background noise, like an unhelpful relative who criticises you.
Sometimes they even get bored and go home, teehee.