Sunday, 3 July 2011

Small Changes can make a Difference

This is my refashioned trenchcoat. Not as impressive as a lot of refashions, but refashioning is an 'aside' for me, a minor fun hobby. Also a way to get out of proper shopping and wear clothes that are more individual.
Here is the 'before'. I am kind of embarrassed to say that I have been wearing it like this. I am no fashionista. I have to put in effort not to be a complete dag which is my natural inclination. (Australian slang: A dag is technically the matted wool on a sheeps tail, but in typical useage throughout Australia, it refers to people who don't have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance. It can also refer to a person who tends to be quite informal.)
The buckles were horrible cheap things, and the coat was all too military looking for me. I took off the belt, which was too high, and the buckled cuffs.
I decided to replace the buttons. The purple ones are what I initially bought for the coat, but they didn't look right. Then I remembered that I had some recoverable buttons the correct size and thought I would try them.
The red and black button is my first ever recovered button. I got very excited.
I recovered more.
Then I sewed the new buttons on. I am thinking of leaving the old ones on the pockets. What do you think?

I think I will shorten the sleeves as well.


Kel said...

anyone who can do this much re-fashioning to a coat is a sewing magician in my eyes

it looks so much better without the belt or all the buckles

Zom said...

Thanks Kel. More cutting off than sewing. The only sewing was to put on the buttons. To cover the buttons is just cutting and then pushing the pieces together. Easy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, much better looking without the buckles and belt. I think I'd change the pocket buttons, too. Great job! Enjoy.

Zom said...

I think you are right Gypsy. If I recovered the pocket buttons just in black fabric it wouldn't be too 'busy'.

ZenDotStudio said...

I love the new look of this coat. It's an amazing simplification and streamlining with a great punch of colour. Love those buttons.

I have a drawer full of things I want to refashion, but just never seem to get around to it.

nollyposh said...

Groovy babe X:-)

susan christensen said...

great buttons - and i love the word dag and how it is used. xxxoo, sus

Ricë said...

Ditch the pocket buttons. You could leave them off entirely, maybe--?