Saturday, 3 September 2011

120 Day Do What You Love Challenge

Isn't it funny that it can take making a commitment to do what you love?

I have been feeling like I want to do more spontaneous drawing for a while now, at least a year. While I occasionally draw without knowing what will come out, it is rare for me to draw that way. Mostly I work from life or references. I know that my drawings will come out better if I work that way, so I have been nervous to risk 'bad' drawings.

Lately I have pushed those boundaries a bit with my 'what I wore today' drawings. I want to draw less self-consciously.

And now perhaps I have something to help me stop hesitating. The 120 Day Do What You Love Challenge. I heard Pollyanna on the radio talking about this free challenge she has put up on facebook. I liked her, I liked the idea. It is free and you have a place that you can share challenges and support.

Anyone want to join me? The fun thing is, it has to be something you love!

The picture is a spontaneous drawing that I did on the plane home. I will do my first spontaneous drawing for the challenge today. I am a little excited and nervous. I find that kind of strange.


Connie said...

I've been doing something similar Zom in my sketchbook lately--drawing with India Ink spontaneous. It can be very unnerving at times--especially with the ink--but I feel like you--it's helping me push boundaries.

So excited to see your work!!

BIG Hugs,

Zom said...

Wow, in ink Connie! You surpass me. Maybe that will be my next step.

lilasvb said...

a challenge, yes good idear

Kel said...

some find it a challenge to do what they love for just 1 day :-)

if i had to commit to 120 days of doing what I loved, then i probably wouldn't love it anymore, because it would become a 'must do' rather than a 'love to do'

what is it...21 days to ingrain a new habit? so if you make it to 120 days you'll be a spontaneous drawing expert!

Zom said...

Kel, it will be interesting to find out.

susan christensen said...

fear not, Zom! your spontaneous drawings are going to kick into your more considered works in amazing ways! love, sus

nollyposh said...

i like this idea... Being a perfectionist can be a burden... Letting go is like flying... You just have to be brave enough to *jump* ...i think you will do well & i will love watching what fly's out from Your Soul! Why are we so afraid to be spontaneous sometimes i wonder? For me? Perhaps it is the not being 'in control' thing? Are you going to write what words float out with your images too?

Zom said...

I am giving myself permission not to post the drawings. Otherwise the critic will sneak in.

No words yet. I am not the poet you are. xx