Tuesday, 27 September 2011

120 Day Do What You Love Challenge continues

I am on day 24 of the Do What You Love Challenge. I am drawing spontaneously, with no idea as to what I will draw, for 20 minutes a day. To find out about the challenge go here.

If you want to see any of the drawings bigger, just click on them.
So far this is a lot of fun. I have had maybe one day when I didn't feel like drawing. A couple of days where I wasn't very happy with what I had drawn - but I don't pay too much attention to that.

I don't often finish a drawing in 20 minutes, so most of these are done over 2 - 4 days. Looking back at the first drawing I posted, I think I would like to put in more backgrounds. Not sure if that will work 'spontaneously' - though I could always add them later.
If you are wondering, this isn't all of them. There are two finished ones that I didn't post. No, it wasn't because they were the ones I didn't like, it is because they contained nudity. Not that it worries me, but I didn't want to have to add that warning about adult content in my blog.
I would love to hear if any of these drawings appeal to you, and why.


Kel said...

I'm really drawn to the woman wearing the top hat
so many intriguing elements
stars flying off her top
little creature sitting on the hat
a red flower with wild stemroots

NatashaNicole said...

I love this challenge! I think I'm going to start now too :)) xx http://garagegypsy.blogspot.com

Zom said...

Thanks Kel, I think she might have been the first colour one too.

What will you do Natasha?

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am struggling to get back into the swing...I have had a bout with mono and my immune system is struggling to get up in the morning. I do appreciate this incredible challenge! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

La Dolce Vita said...

love the challenge idea Zom... and your drawings are so magical, bravo on the commitment...

susan christensen said...

Hi, Zom - I really respond to the pig and the girl - something very endearing about the pig in her (his?) ruffle. Good job on being consistent with this challenge - you are forming a most useful habit I think! regards, sus