Friday, 9 September 2011

You are Needed How You Are

Since arriving home to Australia from the United States, I have been waking most mornings at 3:30am racked by feelings of inadequacy. While this is not terribly unusual, it seems discouraging somehow. Did I hope that being reunited with my family would change this? I think I had hoped that it would at least show me what I needed to change in my life.

Maybe the answer is 'nothing much'. The message I received this morning is "You are needed how you are". That I should persist with everything I am doing to support my art and teaching, but not try to be anything or someone that I am not. To persist and allow myself just to be myself, flaws and all. Just to offer who I am and what I have to give, knowing all my faults, not even trying to hide them.

A Radical Approach.

(the drawing is my first 'spontaneous drawing', meaning that I drew without knowing what I was going to draw - like automatic writing, that I did for the 120 day challenge.)


Jodi Anderson said...

That title, along with the illustration, choked me up a bit when I first read it and then when I read it again.

I am inclined to agree with your assessment. I like you just how you are, whatever flaws there might be and all.

Zom said...

Thanks Jodi. Strangely enough, any connection between the post and the drawing is merely coincidental. Or synchronicity??

I really Deeply believe that this message is true for Everyone, not just me.

Sambodhi said...

I go through that same scenario too, checking to see if I need to change directions and it is so great to realise that I am glorious as I am. I love remembering to appreciate what is actually happening in my life right now. I really love your drawing.

Kel said...

"You are needed how you are"
what a wonderful message to receive

the challenge within that is staying open to who it is that needs us as we are

sometimes it's not who we expect it to be

when i look at this drawing, it reminds me of the saying "birds of feather flock together", not sure why, because the two creatures on the left don't look similar at all ...

Zom said...

Sambohdi, is that you? My student Sambohdi?

Kel, they don't look similar, but they are both certainly are not the 'norm' together. Maybe they symbolize the creative, outside society? Why is the bear headed guy wearing a kilt? I just noticed that. (Obviously I knew that I drew some kind of skirt on him, but I wasn't really thinking of it as a kilt, weird.)

Bren said...

It's a fascinating sketch, lots of symbolism there, kind of like interpreting a dream.

Loved your message, because I believe it's true for all of us and agree with Kel, the trick is knowing who it is we are truly needed by. I think I'm going to write that quote down and journal about it Zom, I so appreciate your opening your heart and sharing it with us.

susan christensen said...

A wonderful drawing, Zom. so much truth in that 'you are needed how you are'! -sus

nollyposh said...

i thought of "The Tower" tarot card when i saw this sketch... Why do we carry around so much inside us? Letting go is a very healthy thing to do... Half bird/creature and half man is an image that has popped up throughout time immemorial... Maybe to do with/about transformation?