Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Your Art Journal is Anything you Need it to Be

I am always telling my students that their art journals are for them. That an art journal doesn't have to look, or be used in any particular way.

I have created a few different kinds of art journals in my 3 years of art journaling. Gee, is that all it is? It feels longer. In that time I have finished about 8, no maybe 9 art journals. Right now I have 3 art journals going, not counting the small journal that I keep in my purse.

My first official art journal, you can see my post about it here, was where I tried out the new techniques I had read about on the internet. I was just learning about art journaling, trying all the ways people had suggested. This was interesting. There are techniques that are still my favourites, and others that really did not appeal to me. My art journal was mainly experimental.
I tried rubbings, I tried borders, collage...
I did free classes on the internet, much of it was not a great fit for me as I don't much like being told what to do. But it was all a road to seeing what did fit...to be continued


apinkdreamer said...

amazing pages! is it a moleskine?

Kel said...

seems we're both talking journals today :)

they are the best way of 'seeing' what fits

i look forward to your part 2

iHanna said...

It's a great idea to try everything once, to see if you like it and if you do it will be incorporated into many pages. Fun to see your pages!

Jodi Anderson said...

I really adore the last journal page(s) that you shared. The trees?! The kangaroo! The house! Love, love, love it all.

I was just thinking about Hanna while looking at this post, and then there she commented above me!

I had to laugh when I read what you said about online classes because I am the exact same way. I get excited to take a class online, but then I begin to resent being told simple things. It gets me every time. :)

lilasvb said...

amazing, it ia always nice to see your art

Zom said...

It is a moleskine pinkdreamer.

Kel, I will have to pop over and see what you posted.

iHanna, that is how I felt. I wanted to see what appealed.

Jodi, so glad you like them. They are very old pages.

Hi Valery

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

We are all on this journey in our journals..you share so well and I thank you. I have been missing because I have had a bout of MONO. As an adult...this is one difficult virus to deal with. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart