Thursday, 6 October 2011

Is it Finished? I Think It's Finished.

How do I tell when my artwork is finished? I assume it is done when I can't see anything else for me to do. Well, let me qualify that. There is a difference between something I need to do, and when my mind just wants to fiddle more.

But other people don't necessarily agree with my assessment. Friends will see a painting I have been working on for a few weeks, and sometimes they can't see a difference. This used to bug me. I would think that I must be stupid to spend all that time when most people didn't seem to notice.

But I don't feel that way anymore. I can see the difference. And that difference matters to me, a lot.
Here is where I left this painting the last time I posted. If you want to see it before that go here. Or earlier go here. For the very beginning go here.
Between these two photos I was mainly working on her face. She now has pupils in her eyes, more colour in her lips, darker darks in the shadow areas.

As hard as it might be to get people to see the differences in the studio, it is even harder here. I am not a photographer, my paintings always look 'more' in real life. Subtlety is also lost on the transition to the computer and online. But let's try anyway.

For your part, you will need to be willing to click on the pictures and see them at a larger size.
Here I have added more vines to the background. I made the transitions between tones more subtle in her face and body. I made her hair lighter and added more detail. I also added insect holes and discolouration in the vine leaves.
Finally highlights in her eyes, more detail on her raised hand, more leaves on the background vine, and some subtle colour altering on a few of the vine leaves.

I didn't take notes, so there would be quite a few changes that I don't remember. Now I will leave it for a while and take another look in a few weeks.


Jeanie Thorn said...

Hi Zom, I can see the difference and I like the finished result. I think it was De Vinci who said, “Art is never finished only abandoned” and I agree. As artists I think we view our own work very critically and feel there is always something we can do to improve it.

Bren said...

Although I work in abstracts I do know what you mean about working at a painting making those changes that make you feel like the work is more complete, but you're often the only one who sees them :-)
There is quite a significant change between the last two images though. Her skin tones, hair colour changed quite a lot and the end result is an amazing piece of art.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful, Zom. You're right, clicking on the images to make them largers helps the differences stand out, especially if they are viewed side-by-side. Your finished version looks more vibrant. It's a beautiful painting.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I had to go back again...and the light in the final painting is superb. Yes I think this one can rest for awhile...see what week... next month brings. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Hayley Lau said...


and, wow.

i just had to comment because your painting is incredibly moving and utterly gorgeous and i am rarely this blown away by art.


Zom said...

Thank you Hayley Lau, that means a lot.