Monday, 10 October 2011

Refashion Post - Maybe not as Finished as I Thought

Hey, anyone remember that dresslet I was working on ages ago? Probably not. Everything I do takes ages, I am so slow. Well, that isn't entirely true, but it is close enough. I used to think I couldn't be very creative if I was so slow. It seemed like really creative people didn't stay interested in stuff long enough to be slow. Hah, all the ways we judge ourselves...

Anyway, tah dah - here it is. Right there at the top. Looks a bit like an apron, not entirely successful but I still like it.

I began my dresslet here. I think I will just repost the pictures as it was last May and I want to give you an idea of the process.
Here is part of the original inspiration. I took the photo in the dressing room. I would have bought the original but I didn't like the colour, and it is more fun to try and make it.
Also the inspiration was a man's pajama top that I thrifted because I liked the pattern and colours. Sorry, no photo. By the time of above I had already removed the sleeves and collar and recut the neck and armholes. Also I turned it around to have the buttons in the back (I felt really clever when I decided to do that) and cut off the bottom. I made it curved because I wanted it to drop in back like the one in the second photo.
Bia tape around the neck and armholes. I am a fan of bias tape. It makes everything look nicely finished.
That all took a while so you get several photos to get the sense of time, teehee.
This is me trying to decide what to use for the bottom half. It might have been prettier if I had gone for the flowers, but sometimes I just don't want pretty. Does anyone understand that? I have said to my hairdresser "don't make it too pretty" I don't think she understands.
All tacked together. Let's see how it is going. I really want one of those mannikan things to try stuff on.
I held my arm up so you could see how the bodice drops. Now I have to figure out how to do get the hem to do the same thing.
Aren't the buttons in the back nice? There were originally half that number and they were boring white. So I changed them and rather than make all the button holes I just sewed the buttons through to the other side because the dresslet can go over my head.
And now you see my problem. The funny thing is that I didn't realise what a problem this was until I got this photo back. This is because my students are all too polite to say "Hey, cool refashion but it makes your butt look big." I gotta remember, us girls with bubble butts need more cloth in the back.


Kel said...

"don't make it 'too pretty' "
yep I get that :)

i love that your creativity extends into several different areas

your life is an art


Zom said...

Thanks Kel, :)

amy said...

yikes you're cute!

Ricë said...

oh, cool! I hadn't realized you'd gotten the bodice to drop in the back until I saw that photo. VERY cool.

Zom said...

The bodice and the hem drop in back, which isn't so obvious in the photos.

Bren said...

You look great in your new creation. I admire anyone who can made practical beauty out of fabrics :-)

Zom said...

Thanks Bren. I think that is the first time the word 'practical' has been linked with me. I am happy :)

Granny Lindie said...

LOVE IT!! I have been trying to find something to wear that is comfy...THIS LOOKS LIKE it would fit the bill....thanks for IDEAS!! Been tooooo long since I have sewn clothing.