Monday, 31 October 2011

Weekend Silk Screening Course

Last weekend I took a silkscreening course from Anne Leon, an artist who runs a fabric design studio in Byron Bay. The course was great. Anne is a warm and generous teacher, with many years of experience in silk screening.
We were told to bring a black and white drawing. I wasn't sure what was suitable for screen printing and assumed that my usual very detailed work might 'fill in', so I came up with a more graphic design.

I wanted to do several prints, and was also thinking of patches for refashioning, so I hoped that multiple images would give me more options. Hence all the little people falling.

Above is my original drawing. If you look closely at the top, you can see where I pasted a new figure over one I wasn't happy with.
And here is all the patch material. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but it gives me a few options. It was interesting to see how it worked on the different fabric. The design wasn't strong enough to show up against my purple diamond fabric. My favourite is the rosebud and polka dot sheets, some of the first sheets my DH and I bought together in the 90's.

Anne threw in the yellow baby shirt to show me a technique. Very kind of her. I am hoping it will fit my grand-daughter.
I found the clothing more challenging to print on. If you look at the top of the pale blue t-shirt you will see what looks like staining. It is. Paint stains where I forgot to cover an opening in the screen. After I heat-set the design, Anne was able to water-blast most of the paint mistake off except for the pale stain. It was worth the mistake to see what could be done.

I might try adding some bits of colour to some of the figures with fabric paint.


Bren said...

your always learning new things. Love all the tumbling people sketch, unique.

susan christensen said...

Your design is excellent!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I do not know if you have YUDU screen printing in Australia but I think you would truly enjoy their wonderful many possibilities. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Happy Halloween!

Zom said...

Thanks Bren.

Susan, a commendation from a master! Thank you.

I don't know either Mary, but I might have a look into that. Thanks for the suggestion.

zendotstudio said...

what a great choice of image for silk screening. looks like it can be used in so many ways. I would love to do a ss course just haven't found one in my neck of the woods.

lilasvb said...

love this