Saturday, 26 November 2011

the Fifth Secret of Creativity

The fifth secret of creativity: Choose by where the Energy is.

This means that when I go into the studio, I follow where my energy goes, what excites me at that time.

Usually my thoughts go: "You had better finish so and so painting" or "you were working on that one yesterday, you really should continue it today." That rather stern internal voice always seems to tell me to work where my energy is Not.

But if I remember to ignore it and instead work on what feels like the most fun and exciting, I am happier (and more creative). And strangely enough, everything seems to get done at much the same rate that it did in the years when I used to listen to what 'the Voice' told me to do.

Today I was lying down in my afternoon nap when I had some exciting inspiration about soft sculpture. Of course 'the Voice' did not approve. I have not been working in soft sculpture and 'the Voice' believes in continuing what has already been begun. It is most suspicious of any new directions.
Fortunately I remembered the fifth secret and got out some old books I have on doll making. I spent an exciting hour marking pages and getting ideas.

Will I do some soft sculpture? I don't know. But in my experience, honouring that inspiration is not only fun (very important) but also encourages further inspirations. Your mind is trained by you! It pays attention to what you honour and what you act on. If I dismiss my new ideas, eventually they may stop arising.


Anhelo said...

You are so very right!

Jeanie Thorn said...

Ok I'm very curious. What are the first 4 secrets of creativity?

Sunny Carvalho said...

Boy, do I live by the fifth secret!! Funny though, I just learned of it from you as I've never heard of the fifth secret. I also want to know what the first 4 secrets are!

When I go to the studio each day, I have to allow the energy to guide me, even if I'm in the middle of some other project. I just can't settle in if something else is exciting me. Thanks for putting a name to this (sometimes annoying) little trait of mine!


Kel said...

ah yes, listening to an acting on that stern inner self-editing voice is the fastest way to give oneself a dose of creative block

Zom said...

Sorry you guys, the secrets lose their potency if I just list them off. It is an experiential thing, you know? (I have a workshop I teach called 'the 6 Secrets of Creativity.)

Sunny, I think your sometimes annoying trait is right in sync. So glad everyone doesn't have a similar 'voice' they have to ignore, haha.

Zom said...

Sorry, I guess that is kind of annoying. I promise to write about other secrets as they come up. Is that better?

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Follow your heart! then I enjoy the moments touching my work with my hands. Peace, Mary Helen

iHanna said...

Great point, I love laying down with inspiration books and browsing through... good to do when the energy is low because it almost always rise to the inspiration! :-)