Sunday, 6 November 2011

Garage Sale Haul

I went for a garage sale hunt yesterday. Unlike many refashioners I don't have loads of clothing to start with, so I have been doing a lot of thrift shopping. Has anyone else noticed that thrift stores have suddenly raised their prices? What is that about? I am assuming it is because thrift shopping has become more popular. I think this is a poor reason.

Thrift store prices have driven me to the garage sales. The difference between $1 for a top and $5 is the difference between me being willing to give a piece a go, knowing that I can use it for fabric, patches, cut it up in bits.

At garage sales I don't even bother to try things on. I will do that later today (they are drying on the line at the moment.) The truth is, I buy second hand clothing to cut up and make stuff, when I find things that are fine the way they are, I am sometimes a little disappointed.
I got a big haul. I went to a friend's after the sales, and her daughter was sorting through her clothes, so I picked up a few more pieces.

While unloading my second load of laundry I found more garage sale loot. Three t-shirts that I got for 50 cents each. One is a bit stained, the other old, but I plan to use bits for patches, neck bias and maybe the sleeves off one.


Kel said...

yes, the old supply and demand factor has even hit our beloved opshops :(

with places like kmart cutting out the middle man, it can be cheaper to buy a shirt or skirt at kmart than to buy one seondhand at an opshop!

of course, the variety at an opshop is always better than retail with so many seasons being displayed in one collection ;-)

have you tried Ziilch or Freecycle?

lilasvb said...

i love garage sale

Bren said...

Oh you got some great pieces there, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Zom said...

Hi Kel, I am on freecycle but never clothes. I will look up ziilch, thanks.

Hi Valery *waving*

I am working on a few things, maybe a drawing on the striped tank?

Poetic Artist said...

I wish you lived close by..I love to thrift shop and yes the prices are going up..I am just beginning to do yard sales..I still out of my comfort zone going into strangers yards and going through their closet..LOL.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I also love garage sales...and I love the skirt you found. Do not worry about a stain or two...this is just a map for development. Peace, Mary Helen

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