Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Disappointment with Gores - or more honestly, with Myself

I was so excited about gores. They are triangles that you sew into things and they make it a whole new shape.
I still like gores, but I no longer believe they are the solution to my refashioning problems.
Remember my dresslet? It is my adventure with not only refashioning but reconstructing. I started with a thrifted pajama top and some fabric I have had for years. I made up the shapes, didn't use a pattern. All stuff that I have no experience with.

I had fun. If you want to see my initial inspiration and the process go here.
But there was a problem. Bubble butt. I wasn't happy with how it looked in the back. I thought perhaps a gore, a triangle of cloth inserted would solve the problem. I basted it first and tried to check it out in the mirror. I thought it was working.
I get upset everytime I look at this photo. I liked it better before.

I was hoping that the insert would make the skirt more triangle shaped so that it would go out a bit at the sides. But it has stayed the same unflattering bell shape with the addition of the weird fishtail.
I can't go back. I don't know what to do. I have put it in the closet and am trying not to think about it.

On a happier gore note is this thrifted coat/dress thing. It isn't really a dress as it only buttons down to above my crotch.

In the back is this huge split. So I went for another gore. This one was more successful.
I think it needs more. I haven't done anything in the front. Any suggestions?

And I am not sure about the 3/4 sleeves.


Sarah said...

I think it would look goof if you added a little more of the gore fabric somewhere - I'd suggest shortening the sleeves and adding new cuffs in the contrast fabric - if it has a pocket on the front you could also replavce this, which would give the whole garment a unifed look. Fun to watch your journey with this!

susan christensen said...

I smile in rueful identification with your dresslet dilemma, Zom. I have done the same thing myself, screwing up something better left alone, but this is how we learn, eh?
Regarding the dress-coat, I agree with Sarah's comment regarding the sleeves - what if you made the cuffs lined with the gore fabric... let us see your next step. love, sus

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Been there...done that...sometimes I just walk away for awhile and search for another design element. Blessings, Mary Helen

Zom said...

Thanks for the coat-dress idea Sarah. I like the idea of short sleeves and putting on more of the fabric.

Also thanks for the sympathy Susan and Mary Helen. If you experienced seamsters have been there, maybe I am not such a sewing loser, haha.

Ricë said...

I'd add at least two more goes, maybe more. One isn't going to do it. Put another on either side of the one in the back. Play with height--they don't all need to be the same distance from the waist. Play with width--some can be narrow, others wide.

Just get on a plane, dammit. Bring pins and coffee.

Zom said...

Okay Ricë, I am going to do it.

The gores, not the plane ride (at least not this week, haha.)

Kel said...

love what you've done with the shift shirt
agree with sarah, add some of that gore fabric to somewhere on the front or sides - if you're all, the cuffs, if your not, how about the inside of the collar?

Danielle said...

I definitely think that if you want to create a triangle shape, the gores should be on the side - starting at the waist and widening as you go towards the hem. But hey! I like the fact that you even attempted to make something out of something else. Good job.

amy said...

i want to know what is wrong with a dress that only comes down to above your crotch?


Zom said...

Amy, it would probably look great on you.